Making Homes Affordable Unveils Brand New Daily News Section that Provides Constantly Updated Information Concerning the Continuing Mortgage Crisis


Spokane Valley, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2011 -- In response to the increased demand for reliable information concerning President Obama’s “Making Home Affordable” plan, the website is pleased to announce its new “daily news section” that covers the most current government loan modification news.

The mortgage crisis that the country experienced in 2008 seems like a distant memory for many Americans. But the after effects are still very much a reality to millions of home owners across the country. Not only are a record number of people losing their homes due to misappropriated loans, but the tax payers are left holding the bag as the banks seem to avoid responsibility for their significant contribution to the collapse.

The Making Home Affordable federal plan was originally expected to help between 7 to 9 million home owners save their homes by assisting them with refinancing or restructuring their mortgages. But according to the website, “The Making Home Affordable Program was first created to help millions, but still continues to help few. Many of the problems come from lending institutions dragging their feet to help homeowners... As an example of the problems we are still seeing with the Making Home Affordable Program over 60% of homeowners who sought help through this program in California failed to get it and slipped into foreclosure.”

It’s disconcerting for Americans to hear that the very institutions that created the problem are reluctant to help solve it, and home owners are coming out in record numbers to search for reliable information on the Making Home Affordable Program to take the fight straight to the banks’ doorsteps.

Tips and tricks can be found strewn throughout the website, and the brand new Daily News section is intended to give users up to the minute information concerning the crisis. It offers stories, resources, and current news to the most relevant topics to home owners’ struggles. Such article titles as “Getting Principal Reduction on Mortgage” and “Emergency Homeowners Loan Program (EHLP) to Help Homeowners” provide essential tips to getting help once and for all.

Many times information is the key to successfully avoiding foreclosure, and boasts all the best information on the topic. Users all agree; if there was just one go-to resource for acquiring useful foreclosure help, this website would be it.

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