PR Agency Started Doling out Mortgage Market Insights for First Time Buyers


Southampton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 --, a Southampton based mortgage brokerage firm run by a small group of talented and self-starter people, recently started dishing out expert tips and advices as well as exclusive market insights for first time buyers. The owners underscored the fact that anyone having a decent credit score can buy a dream home in a zero-hassle way. However, they added that many first-time buyers do a common mistake of scanning the entire property market, thereby get frustrated as they cannot find the ideal homes that fit their financial portfolio and their needs too easily. owners told the press that they have simplified the process of mortgage property search a lot easier They said that anybody interested in buying his or her first home can just send across a message to them, and one of their representatives would call the prospective buyer back to discuss feasible options. One of the owners even claimed that they are now offering a completely zero-hassle way to buy mortgage properties.

One of the senior brokers working with the firm recently made a brief appearance before a small group of journalists. He said that the primary objective of their brokerage firm is to help people enhance their market intelligence. "Unplanned buying and property search can only end in utter frustration. Chances are there that the buyer will end up paying a much higher price. For this reason only, we do thorough property valuation so that interested buyers can grab the best deal. Not only that, we explain to them clearly how mortgage works and tell them about different types of mortgages. To date, we have helped more than a few hundred buyers in buying the right properties", he said during the brief press conference. also offers specialised advice for buyers who are specifically interested in buying to let properties in Southampton or around. "The five top considerations for buying an investment property should be location of the property, demographic, average income from rental, condition of the property and the mortgage deal itself. We are happy that many people are either calling or forwarding their enquiry. It shows that we are on the right track", the official added.

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