MortgageLine Publishes New Guide to Help Individuals Make the Most of Their Pension Plans

MortgageLine is branching out into the world of pensions with a new editorial, which aims to help their clients plan for financial security later in life.


Dublin, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2015 -- Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest decisions of a person's life, as it will take them decades to pay off the total amount. This requires a level of financial security individuals enjoy when in regular employment, but as they age and approach retirement that security is no longer guaranteed. MortgageLine specializes in helping people secure the right mortgage for their needs, and has now published a new editorial on how to get the most out of pension plans, to ensure the financial security required for a mortgage continues into later life.

MortgageLine's new editorial gives five tips for maximizing investment in pensions, which includes making the most of tax relief, utilizing the October 31st deadline to write off a lump sum investment against tax, evaluating risk profiles and making bolder choices younger. They also suggest consolidating multiple pensions into a single account, and also discuss how to stay aware of mortgage fees and charges.

The article has been designed to broaden the site's horizons and provide invaluable financial advice to their customers and potential clients outside of the realm of mortgages themselves. The article is the first in a series planned to be written by guest writers from approved partners and platforms.

A spokesperson for MortgageLine explained, "We have opened up our website to posts from selected partners who share our values, with a genuine interest in improving the lives of our customers through sound advice and expert guidance. The pension is perhaps the only investment as important as the mortgage, so we wanted to ensure individuals weren't sacrificing one for the other, and could develop a sound strategy for their future. Stephen Hamilton, our resident mortgage expert, chose Davy Select as his own investment platform, and has recommended it to our customers in the article."

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