Joe Bragg Shows Visitors the Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Mortician


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Few children grow up wanting to be a mortician. But that doesn’t mean being a mortician isn’t an attractive job. In fact, morticians are paid well and have an interesting job where one day is never the same as another. has been getting a lot of attention from people interested in a mortician career. The website features detailed advice about the educational requirements, salary expectations, and job prospects for morticians.

One of the first things website visitors learn is that morticians go by several different job titles. Morticians are also known as funeral directors or funeral home directors, for example. Some morticians work as embalmers, while others hire professional embalmers to work for them.

No matter what someone calls a mortician, they all perform a similar job. A spokesperson for explained what that job is:

“A mortician’s job is to help people plan and carry out funeral services for those who have passed on. That includes everything from choosing the right casket to planning an appropriate funeral. Some morticians also manage the business side of a funeral home, including financial and marketing responsibilities. It’s an interesting job where two days are never alike, and successful funeral directors need to acquire a wide range of skills to perform their jobs successfully.”

But one of the most important parts of the website is the future career expectations for morticians. As is to be expected with most careers involving life and death, mortician careers will be around for as long as death itself. In fact, with the population aging across the United States, professional morticians will likely be in-demand across the country. allows visitors to learn more about mortician schools and how to become a mortician. Specifically, morticians generally require a mortuary science degree. Mortuary science involves studying biology, chemistry, anatomy, and the art of embalming, and students will need to be passionate about those subjects in order to excel as a mortician.

The website is separated into sections regarding the job description, mortician salary info, and mortuary science education requirements for morticians and funeral directors. There is also an entire section of the website devoted to embalmers, including embalmer salary expectations and embalming school information.

Whether seeking general information about morticians or ready to start searching for the perfect mortician school, aims to answer any questions visitors might have about morticians, their work, and their education.

About offers detailed advice about morticians, also known as funeral home directors. The website features salary expectations, job descriptions, and educational requirements for morticians, funeral directors, and embalmers. For more information, please visit: