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Mosaics by Make Beautiful Home Design Simple


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2012 -- Many households are currently in the process of planning, working on or completing a home improvement project. Whether this means a small project limited to one room or a complete home renovation, there are many decisions that must be considered when doing home improvements.

If the number of design shows currently on television is any indication, design is one of the biggest things on homeowners’ minds. Even those who are not actively planning home improvements still like to spruce up their homes here and there with a little bit of good design. This is why so many people are starting to take notice of an exciting new website that has just been launched.

At, customers can browse a large collection of mosaics crafted by artisans who have been designing and creating mosaics for almost 50 years. In the form of backsplashes, flooring, tilework and walls, mosaics by make an excellent addition to kitchens, bathrooms, pools and just about any other room in the house. explains why mosaics in homes are becoming so popular:

“On floors and walls, mosaics can be used to make a bold statement, becoming part of the very structure of the building; part of its essence and character. Wonderful examples of this can be seen throughout history and old houses with original mosaics inlaid into the floors and walls are highly prized today; this will also be the case tomorrow, so not only can a mosaic bring character to a home, it can add value to it also.” also offers a service, called Made-to-Order Mosaics, that allows customers to submit a photo and then have the professionals at Mozaico create a perfect replica of it in mosaics. This unique service allows customers to create custom design pieces for their homes.

By visiting the website, customers will be able to see profiles of all the professional artists and designers who are a part of Mozaico. There is also a useful online Color Chart, where customers get a detailed view of every kind of stone used in mosaics. There are also numerous pictures of different home projects completed using mosaics. A mosaic kitchen backsplash is one of the most popular mosaic projects, but visitors will see that mosaics definitely do not have to be limited to the kitchen. In the Knowledge section of the website, visitors will find a vast amount of information on mosaics, like an explanation of the mosaic making process and how to add value to your home with mosaic tiles.

About have been designing and creating high-class mosaics for approaching 50 years. They are based in the heart of the historical Middle East in Lebanon. A mosaic created by Mozaico will emphasize quality and longevity using natural stones and glass tiles to create not just mosaics for your kitchen, bathroom, pool areas and patios but an art form in itself.

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