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Mosin Nagant HQ Launches Latest Reviews in Answer to Ongoing Firearm Sales Surge

Education is key to getting the biggest bang per buck from this popular rifle model, publishes


Gothenburg, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2015 -- With pending legislation potentially threatening the American public's fundamental right to bear arms, opposition to the cause seems to be gaining ground. Anticipation of changing gun ownership regulations sent applications for firearms purchases soaring an estimated 50 percent in 2014 alone according to a recently released report from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. In light of the ongoing rush, Gunnar Bengtsson of Mosin Nagant HQ has launched the renowned rifle manufacturer's latest parts and accessories reviews.

Said Bengtsson, "The Mosin Nagant is an affordable alternative compared to other models, and it offers plenty of power for both hunting and target practice. Both these factors and many others make it a popular choice among gun owners, but it's also highly customizable. We created our website with the wide variety of parts and accessories on the market in mind, and our latest reviews cover some new options as well as classic favorites."

The most recent addition to the company's website is their write-up of 7.62×54r ammo. This caliber cartridge is being compared to its traditional 30-06 Springfield counterpart among big game hunters across the country. While standard ammo of this nature is inappropriate for reloading and has been found to cause corrosion without proper barrel, chamber and bore care, updated versions are now being offered to help mitigate these effects.

Mosin Nagant Stocks are also primary focal points of the website. As this is a favored rifle among the hunting community, switching out the gun's original weighty wooden stock has become the norm. Some replacement options require additional bulk for prime accuracy whereas others resolve pistol grip and pull length pitfalls associated with standard military issue models. In-depth assessments including full specifications and pricing are listed for the current top three choices.

Scopes are popular alterations as well, providing shooters an enhanced view of their targets and generating greater accuracy. Since the models in circulation today adhere to design elements of the late 1800's, additional modifications may also be needed when mounting a scope. Cleaning kits, muzzle brakes and recoil butt pads also top the list of highly sought-after accessories for the Mosin Nagant.

Bengtsson concluded, "Education is key to responsible firearm ownership and use, but we take this aspect a step further. Our reviews are designed to help Mosin Nagant owners get the most out of their rifles at a lower cost for many. We will continue to post updates as new developments arise and look forward to hearing from our viewers."

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