MOSQUITO BRACELET Introduces New 6-Pack Mosquito Repellent Bracelets and Patches on Amazon


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2017 -- At a special press release function, MOSQUITO BRACELET™ announced its new Premium 6-Pack of the Mosquito Repellent Bracelet that also includes six patches each, a total of 5 days protection with each purchase. These convenient wrap around bracelets are stylish and effective at keeping away mosquitoes, flies, no see ums, biting flies and other nuisance pests.

Anyone that needs protection from annoying and dangerous insects outdoors will appreciate these effective repellent devices. Take them on picnics, camping, hiking, fishing, to sporting events or on vacation, anywhere where insect protection is needed. Construction workers, sports enthusiasts and anyone else that spends time outdoors can get great use out of these attractive and effective insect repellent bracelets.

Though skin sprays, lotions and creams are more effective and are even made out of natural elements, they can still feel sticky and uncomfortable. They are a nuisance to apply and can even damage your clothes.

Mosquito Bracelets™ are made using an entirely different approach than what is used to formulate these harmful creams. These bands are creatively made out of natural substances, such as Geraniol, which is nature's most effective and completely organic mosquito repellent that can be worn conveniently.

Placing them in a zip lock bag overnight or between weekends will prolong their potency and effectiveness for more than 5 days.

These Mosquito Repellent Bracelets use natural plant oils that insects hate but have a pleasant aroma to people. Lemongrass and other plant oils used are non-toxic and perfectly safe for children, adults and pets. This is a "no chemical" approach to insect repellents that keeps families safe from insecticides. Insect repellents, mosquito sprays and lotions have known side effects such as skin rash and irritation, neurological toxicity and even cancer.

The Zika virus, transmitted almost exclusively by mosquitoes, is due to hit the United States this summer according to many health officials so it is very important for families to start thinking about reducing mosquito populations and stocking up on natural non-toxic repellents. Zika virus has caused hundreds of cases of microcephaly in Brazil, a devastating disease that results in a shrunken head in infants who are born to Zika infected pregnant women. Microcephaly causes developmental problems in affected children which require medical attention for life.

Apart from avoiding sticky and uncomfortable items, kids are resistant towards using anything that is smelly or stinky. It becomes a challenge for every parent to handle such situations and these sprays can make it more miserable. But with mosquito bracelets it's different.

Protecting children from biting mosquitoes has never been so easy! Thanks to the creative idea of designing something that is natural and kids friendly. Outdoor lovers can start ordering their All-natural mosquito bracelets from Amazon:

Mosquito Bracelet™ is obsessive about supporting their customers passion for the outdoor activities—naturally bug-free! Being nature lovers and health-conscious at the same time, they wanted to create a product that is non-toxic and harmless to children. Therefore, they went on to explore natural, yet effective, repellents that do not harm in any way. At Mosquito Bracelet™ they manufacture all-natural and non-toxic mosquito repellent bracelets that help everybody stay away from infectious bugs and insects. Taking pride in creating botanical products that efficiently reduce the risks of mosquito bites. After the success they had last summer with the first Edition

Mosquito Bracelet they decided to come back early this year. With a New Premium Edition Mosquito Bracelet that comes with a free eBook and 6 Mosquito Patches as bonus, they are ready make everybody's summer safe and buzz free.

Don't worry about the pests, Mosquito Bracelet™ has the solution! Take a look at these safe and effective insect repellents and go for a natural alternative to toxic mosquito killers today!

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Mosquito Bracelet ™ is a family business who offers a real alternative to traditional insect repellent. They provide the customers real protection while using only natural ingredients. At MOSQUITO BRACELET ™ they strive to create innovative products and informative articles to help people working outdoors or enjoying the outdoor lifestyle to take protection against insects.

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