MosquitoFree Puts the Battle Against Bites in Your Hands

She has killed over 300 million people and this summer, she is coming back for more. Are your home, workplace, children and loved ones safe from this threat?


Nottinghamshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- MosquitoFree International has just launched a crowd funding campaign which puts the fight against biting insects back in our hands. Supporters of the campaign will be the first to receive the very powerful MightyMini, take anywhere solar powered, child and environmentally safe biting insect trap.

They will also receive extra MightyMini traps for free, to give or sponsor to anyone or any organisation they want to help protect against the disease and discomfort of mosquitoes, noseeums, midges, sand flies... whatever is the main danger they need protection from.

There is a video and full details available on the campaign website:

Summer 2014 in the Northern Hemisphere is going to be dangerous. The Asian Tiger Mosquito and other carriers of viruses that can disable and kill children and adults are spreading further north into areas we had previously believed were safe.

Designed in response to requests by thousands of people for a family safe and environmentally kind control system for the worst biting insects, mosquitoes, midges, noseeums and sand flies, the MightyMini has been designed, and successfully tested as a highly effective biting insect trap that attracts and kills them.

Take it anywhere. This revolutionises mosquito control at home or while camping, fishing, picnic, beach or boating. The MightyMini is the first fully portable, mini, solar powered, liquid (safe) attractant operated trap, that has been released for under $20, that can travel anywhere and trap and kill biting insects before they bite.

“Biting insects can lay up to 3,000 eggs in their short but annoying lives. If we trap and kill them, there are less eggs to hatch and come back to bite us. They are territorial. Kill the females (the ones that bite to get protein from your blood to fertilise their eggs) and the males will just drift off looking for females in another location. We used to be restricted by the size and the cost of efficient traps, or the fact that they needed electricity or gas canisters to operate. Now at last, we have an affordable, portable and effective trap that will work in any location on the planet.”
Says Steven von Kohorn, director of MosquitoFree.

MosquitoFree has been manufacturing and distributing quality mosquito control equipment globally for 14 years and are very proud to announce the impending launch of the new MightyMini.

Utilising the most efficient biting insect attractants and only child, pet and environmentally safe ingredients, the MightyMini can be placed wherever people are enjoying the outdoors to minimise the annoyance and potentially sickening results of bites and viral transmission.

The MightyMini is as efficient as some traps costing $1,000 or more and, at a price of less than $20, no family should be without at least one of these this summer.

Planning a camping trip? Pop it in the back pack. A day at the beach? Drop it into the picnic basket. Small and portable and yet designed on long proven mosquito killing technology, the MightyMini is solar powered and will keep working to protect families in the evenings, nights and early morning when most biting insects are feeding.

Demand for this powerful but affordable trap is expected to be very high in the coming months and to fund the manufacture and rapid release of a large volume of traps, MosquitoFree have partnered with to run a campaign to crowd fund the manufacturing process.

Why Crowd Fund this essential insect control solution?
Crowd funding is the most exciting option available today for early adopters or people who want to support important or worthwhile projects and be among the very first to receive the product or service they have contributed to from the first batch of products released to the public.

Campaign contributions may start as low as $10 and scale up according to what the campaign sponsors want to contribute in return for similar or greater value rewards.

Crowd funding makes it possible for the public to receive the products faster and earlier and also to contribute a little more so that extra MightyMini Traps can be donated to schools, care facilities or other organisations in greatest need in the campaign sponsor’s community that they select.

The sponsored MightyMinis are then sent to the sponsor with their own order and they can deliver the traps directly to the organisation they want to protect. It may be their children’s school, hospital, elderly care home or sports club, it may be a neighbour or elderly aunt, wherever protection from mosquitoes and biting insects is most needed.

It costs so little to receive so much and really help in the battle against disease and discomfort caused by blood feeding insects.

VisitMosquitoFree at http://www.Mosquitofree.Org for more information or go direct to their crowd funding campaign directly at to learn more about this potentially life-saving product and the benefits it can bring this summer.

More information is available on Facebook :

Further Information from:
Steven von Kohorn
Director, MosquitoFree Limited
Address: Wiverton Hall, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, NG138GU, United Kingdom
Telephone: +447429744007
Email: MightyMini@MosquitoFree.Org
Website: http://www.Mosquitofree.Org