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Most Awaiting Wearable Tech Athene Bracelet Arrive

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Selangor, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- When you want to charge your phone, access a flash drive or transfer cable. Athene: Utility Style Bracelet is ready when you are. This stylish bracelet looks like fashionable jewelry but it is the go to device for busy people on the go.

The bracelet comes in two different designs that ensure usage by iPhone and Android users. Each option works just like any standard USB cable, so users can charge their phone, transfer files, and sync their device to a computer. This stylish bracelet is also an impressive 8GB of space for storing or transferring files.

“We’ve talked to so many people who say this device is long over due. Why carry three different cords or devices when you can stylishly wear one? Our utility bracelet solves all of your problems with style and fashion,” said Steven Wong, Red-O Project Manager

“Now is your chance to get in on the beginning of an amazing creation that will change the way you look at USB drives. This revolutionary product is a bracelet, a charger, and an 8GB flash drive. Never get caught without a charger, flash drive, or transfer cable again!”

Only $10,000 is needed for production and the company is offering the public an opportunity to help them get there.

“We want everyone to get involved and be rewarded for sharing our campaign so we are giving you free rewards just for sharing. You can get a free Athene: Utility Style Barcelet. Click here for more info,” said Mr. Wong.

The award-winning designer bracelet is more than just another device for convenience. It is actually attractive and brings style to the world of technology. It adjusts from 18 to 22 cm, and has a unisex look appealing to men and women.

The Bracelet Charge is a great gift for the person who is tired of carrying three different devices around or for people who seem to always lose their charging cables and thumb drives. Anyone who wants a stylish way to transport important files or music would love this product.

iPhone 5/5S/5C users will enjoy the model designed specifically for the newest generation of iPhones, as well as the iPad 4.

Android users can expect the same quality of service that Iphone users are accustomed to. The Micro USB for the Android charges devices and acts as a cable to transport data. Users can store data or transfer files from phone to laptop or to sync data. Since it fits every USB plug, this bracelet model will work with any device that has a Micro USB port.

Compatible with all USB plugs, the bracelet is made from genuine leather and is affordable for everyone. Bracelets can be a great gift so no one has to be caught without a charger again.

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