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'Most Companies Are Too Afraid to Innovate', Says Global Entrepreneur

In conjunction with the launch of her ground-breaking new book – ProVoke- , Linda Bernardi makes it clear that companies must be willing to disrupt in order to innovate and enjoy higher revenue. Having travelled the world to work actively with global companies and speak to numerous multi-national corporations about her concept, Bernardi’s book puts her wisdom in the hands of everyone.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- Linda Bernardi is frank and honest in her assessment of Western companies; they are too afraid to innovate. Working alongside numerous international brands to provide her solution, her ‘ProVoke Methodology’ has become a hugely-successful global phenomenon. Now released in book form, anyone with an open mind can discover how to take their company to the next level.

“In order to innovate we need to be willing to disrupt. Most companies are afraid of disruption and innovation as they fear it will defocus the staff and harm revenue. Turns out that the most successful companies are highly agile and constantly evolving,” says Bernardi, who has spent two decades diagnosing the problems that prohibit companies from innovating actively.

Continuing, “When we disrupt, we go through five phases of resistance. Many are stuck in one of these stages and are too afraid to move forward. The ProVoke Methodology will help any company overcome their fears and disrupt with confidence. It is vital that we arm companies to be excited about innovating, while getting them to realize that higher profits and lower staff turnover will be the likely outcome.”

Everything is outlined in Bernardi’s compelling new book, ‘ProVoke: Why the Global Culture of Disruption is the Only Hope for Innovation’.

The book outlines the exact steps and procedures companies can use to progress in their disruption and innovation journey, with each step discussed in detail. Reasons for fear such as politics, loss of influence, lack of knowledge and fear of failure are also debunked, instead replacing negative thought patterns with concrete and pro-active steps to active disruption.

“With hundreds of thousands of highly talented staff in companies across the Western World, we are taking away the opportunity to have new innovation identified, discussed and introduced by brilliant minds; because we want to narrowly focus them on revenue generating products. My passion is around unleashing the global talent and allowing brilliant minds to collaborate so we can innovate at a much more meaningful pace and manner. Disruption is hugely feared hence it is resisted dramatically. This puts innovation in danger but I’ll show any company how to overcome it,” Bernardi adds.

Renowned for her fearless and direct approach, Bernardi asks the hard questions; believing that companies will first be highly ‘uncomfortable’ at the early stages of their journey towards Innovation and excellence. Due to this insight, she is sought after globally to bring her active, mindful and productive disruption to enable companies to innovate much more effectively. It is for this fearlessness and directness and an undying passion about innovation that Linda Bernardi is engaged with so many of the largest companies around the world, to disrupt and innovate!

ProVoke also makes it clear that Innovation is hugely global and occurs everywhere in the world, not just in the United States and not just in Silicon Valley. Due to lack of awareness, many still believe the United States is unique; a fact that is easily disputed when they become aware of what is really occurring in the world.

The book is already resonating with tens of thousands of readers around the world. Every copy comes with a card declaring the reader an ‘Official accredited member of the Culture of Disruption’. Proving that Bernardi’s methodology is a truly global movement, critics expect her literary work to become a saving grace to thousands of companies who are struggling to move towards their short and long-term goals.

“With 50,000 brilliant engineers around the globe, should a company be able to introduce 50,000 new ideas per year? If only 10% came up with one idea per year, we’d see 5000 new product ideas on an annual basis. Why then do we only see 1-2 products released by a company each year? It is because they fear disruption and now is the time to overcome it. Disruption is absolutely necessary and companies need to make up and smell the coffee of innovation” Bernardi concludes.

For more information, visit: http://www.lindabernardi.com/provoke/

Bernardi’s official website can be found at: http://www.lindabernardi.com

Official Book Blurb:

Big Data analytics and predictive analytics, cloud computing, the social enterprise—none of these world-changing innovations would have come to pass without a “culture of disruption” that allowed fertile minds to challenge conventional wisdom and boldly bring new technologies to light.

In ProVoke, entrepreneur and “innovation provocateur” Linda Bernardi reveals the hate and denial with which organizations of all sizes approach provocative, disruptive ideas—and why embracing this discomfort and anxiety is the only path to true innovation, consistent growth and long-term prosperity.

In this lean, engaging book, Linda (an outspoken pioneer in fields from RFID to databases to digital marketing) shatters common misconceptions about business and innovation in order to reveal some startling truths:

- All organizations, no matter how seemingly enlightened, react to the idea of disruption with rage, fear, denial and rejection

- Disruption through acquisition is impossible

- Access to big money and the drive to build start-ups for the purpose of being acquired is destroying innovation

Most important, in ProVoke Linda asserts that only by creating a collaborative, global “culture of disruption,” in which provocative questions and creative destruction are nurtured and encouraged at all levels of the chain of command, can organizations maintain the innovative fire that ultimately leads to excellence. In other words, if you want to be successful, get ready to be uncomfortable.

About the Author Linda Bernardi
Linda Bernardi has spent the last two decades of her career in the area of introducing disruption and effectively introducing meaningful innovation to the global market. Her active role as an active entrepreneur and her on-going engagements around the globe give her a daily perspective of the global landscape. She is uniquely qualified to distinguish myth from reality, with the high dose of courage and authority granted to her to bring disruption and innovation into large global companies.