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GW2 Supremacy website offers three great leveling guides that will take the player from start to finish.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- Multiplayer online role playing games are a common past time for people, and for many a way of life. Many gamers play on a professional level where the game becomes more of a sport. And just like any other game or sport, many players want to be the best. They work hard and study the game, learning from online guides created by the best gamers. One of the most popular and played fantasy multiplayer online role playing games is Guild Wars 2. And to be the best in this game, gamers also need to learn from the best guide. That’s why GW2 Supremacy was created. It’s a guild wars 2 strategy guide review site designed by real gamers so players can learn from the best.

GW2 Supremacy is a site where individuals will find a good guild wars 2 leveling guide. GW2 Supremacy shows individuals exactly what guide they need in order to quickly level up. The guides listed on the site were created by real gamers who have actually played the game, so individuals will get the real thing. For gamers who want to get the best out of playing Guild Wars 2 playing experience, they are encouraged to check out

On the site, individuals can subscribe to receive a free newsletter and free mini strategy guide – they can only get their hands on the newsletter and guide if they subscribe. They have a list of the top three guild wars 2 strategy guides. Each one of the guides have been tried and tested in order to make sure they are legit. With the help of the guild wars 2 guide, individuals can go from level 1 to 80 in only a matter of 4-5 days of playing.

The first guide (the top pick) is a step by step leveling guide, a professions guide, a trading post guide, a PVP guide and a skills guide.

The second guide on the list is a step by step leveling guide, a professions guide, a trading guide, a PVP guide and a skills guide. While it offers everything as the first guide and is a great guide, it is not as good as the first guide.

The third guide is an average guide. It is a step by step leveling guide and a professions guide.

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GW2 Supremacy is a site that lists three of the best guides on GW2. The guides were created by real gamers who have played the game. It was created for any gamer who wants to make the most out of the game and play the game the way it is meant to be played. For more information, contact