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Most Expensive Suit in the World Is the Subject of New Article on Suitart Website


Vaud, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- Suitart, a company based in Zurich that features attractive and stylish custom made and tailored suits for men, has just posted a new article that describes what is being called the most expensive suit in the world.

Called Diamond Armor, the custom tailored suit seems like it would be right at home in the newest James Bond 007 movie. Featuring an impeccable combination of luxury, art and technology, the most expensive tuxedo in the world includes a number of features.

As the new article notes, the Diamond Armor suit is not only waterproof, but it is also bulletproof to NATO standards. To keep the wearer as comfortable as possible, it also includes an innovative cooling system. Instead of a plain lining found in many suits, the Diamond Armor’s silk lining shows the artwork “Unidad Molecular Aleatoria,” a piece that was featured in the movie “This Means War.”

To add even more elegance and class to the suit, it features 880 black diamonds.

“The lapel and the contours of the Diamond Armor are graced with 600 black diamonds each with a diameter of four millimeters and a total weight of 140 carat,” the article on Suitart notes, adding that the polish of the certified and golden diamonds indicates their exceptional quality.

“The buttons of the jacket consist of Swiss watch steel 316L with DLC coating and are graced with additional 280 black diamonds. The diamonds on the fabric are processed with a gold setting with extravagantly Swiss craftsmanship and sewed on by well-experienced tailors.”

The fact that the suit is bulletproof not only adds to its high price, it also helps to set it apart from most other luxurious custom suits on the marketplace. The suit is ranked as Level II in the protection classification.

Because an exceptional suit like the Diamond Armor needs a tie to go with it that is just as memorable, the fabric specialist Weisbrod from Zurich and EMPA developed a 24 carat golden silk tie that will complement the suit perfectly. Included in the price of the suit, the tie is made of golden fabric that is woven with golden threads. The tie, notes the article, is made from the first permanently golden fabric in the world.

To complete the look of the world’s most expensive suit, the wearer may wish to add a rare and opulent watch. The Carl F. Bucherer “PATRAVI TRAVELTEC FOURX LIMITED EDITION” is the ideal watch to go with the suit; only 125 of these state-of-the-art watches exist, one of which is for the Diamond Armor suit.

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