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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- Discolored teeth can often be a hindrance to a perfect and confident smile. Many people go for multiple treatments and use expensive products for the purpose of whitening their teeth. Pearlsmile, a German manufactured brand is a revolutionary product and a unique teeth whitening system. It is one of the simplest non evasive cosmetic dentistry treatments for teeth whitening. This cosmetic teeth whitening can whiten the teeth from 2 to 9 shades brighter. The gel offers amazing results within 30 minutes and hence can be applied just before a wedding, an interview or a party.

There are many reasons for discolored teeth such as excessive smoking, drinking too much tea, coffee, liquor, aerated drinks and improper dental hygiene. Pigmentation on the teeth can be very difficult to remove and requires number of sittings in a dentist’s clinic. However, with Pearlsmile users do not have to spend so much time but can instantly get whitened teeth within 21 minutes. The whitening gel consists of a whitening substance that is activated by the LED light. Once exposed to the light, the whitening substance penetrates into the surface of the teeth and reacts with the pigmented areas of the enamel. The pigmentation is thereby discolored under the influence of free oxygen radicals thereby aiding in teeth whitening.

There are no side effects and is a 100% cosmetic teeth whitening treatment that is safe and non-toxic as well. The advanced technology of Pearlsmile and its low peroxide levels makes it a unique and most favored teeth whitening product. The gel also safeguards the gums and removes any kind of sensitivity in the teeth as well. This gel can be applied as many times as the user wants to or as and when they find their teeth discolored. There are home kits available as well as a salon service available for customers. They can book an appointment at the Richmond salon and whiten their teeth instantly.

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PearlSmile UK, based at London, UK is a salon that offers the most innovative and safe teeth whitening treatment with Pearlsmile. The procedure is a 100% cosmetic and adheres to the safety standards of various teeth whitening gels.

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