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Most People Are Overweight, Tired, Toxic and Unhappy - Surprising Data by "Are You Toxic" Study


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- Respected healthy living website, has just published the results of their “Are You Toxic” diet and lifestyle study. The study, which included over 200 survey respondents, shows that the vast majority of people are overweight (78%), tired (83%), toxic (over 90%) and perhaps most surprising unhappy or depressed (78%).

The quiz, which included 24 questions, was designed to provide an insight in to people’s diet and lifestyle habits and the effects these were having on their long/short-term physical and mental health.

The results surprised the studies author Tom White, who has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over six years:

“Over the past six years I have worked with thousands of clients who have been struggling with weight issues, a lack of energy, toxins and a general lack of poor health. We thought we might have only been seeing the small minority of people suffering with these issues, however unfortunately this study shows that is normal for people to feel overweight, tired, sluggish and unhappy and the results are far worse than we expected”.

One of the surprising results is the number of people, over 78% of respondents, who indicated they suffer with stress, anxiety or depression.

However when looking more closely at the results discovered that many of these people also scored highly on questions related to weight issues, poor diet and exposure to toxins.

Therefore it maybe that people who are not providing their body with the nutrients it needs on a daily basis and expose their body to a high level of environmental toxins are not able to enjoy life to the fullest due to a lack of energy, weight gain and poor vitality and that this could cause, contribute or exacerbate issues with their mental health.

Some of the other results include:
- 78% of people are overweight and have difficulty losing it
- 83% of people feel tired, lethargic or have trouble focusing on your work
- 69% of people regularly eat processed or refined foods
- 68% of people have digestive concerns: gas, bloating, irregular bowel movements
- 93% of people use the microwave or mobile phone on a daily basis
- 90% of people use standard personal care products (soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, sunscreens, etc)
- 87% of people use standard household cleaners, detergents and anti-bacterial products
- 87% of people use plastic containers to store food, or drink water from a plastic bottle
- 85% of people drive your car every day?

Although the study itself didn’t look in to the long-term effects of poor diet, toxins and weight issues the author did look into other studies that have made correlations between these factors and more serious diseases. Many of these studies indicate that diet, toxicity, wellness and mental health can have a significant effect on the chance of getting a chronic or serious illness/disease.

Tom White is frustrated at the medical communities focus on treating disease, rather than preventing it and would like to see more education for people to highlight the risks associated with a poor diet and many of the chemicals we are surrounded by every day.

“Many people have been struggling with their weight, energy levels, toxicity and general health for so long they think it is normal to feel sluggish, overweight and unhealthy, but it isn’t. There are some really simple steps people can take to improve their overall health and wellness which are easy to implement and don’t cost anything. Often by implementing these simple lifestyle changes people suddenly realise they have been living a dream and now remember what it is like to experience optimum health and wellness.”

Further details and full results of the Are You Toxic Study can be found at

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