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New Hampshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 --, a Web site devoted to keeping your Osterizer Blender running indefinitely, has broken with tradition and is now publishing information on non-Oster products. Although they still are Oster fans, they realize that there are many other deserving kitchen appliances that readers would love to see coverage on.

This new non-Oster coverage has recently begun in June of 2013 and started with review information on two extremely popular blenders, the very interesting Breville and the “As Seen on TV” Ninja Blender. Readers have been clamoring for reviews such as these, but as is simply a labor of love, have not been added until recently.

“These are great kitchen tools and our readers are clamoring for coverage,” says editor Chef Paul Finnofich. “Only time will tell if they have the longevity of some of the Osterizer Beehive Models, some of which are still in daily use after the better part of a century. However it is clear that some of these models from newer manufacturers are better suited to some new uses, such as making smoothies in portable jugs for consuming on the go.” He adds, “Although my main blender is still and always may be an Oster, I do have others in my kitchen now as well.”

In the future, they intend to slowly expand coverage, first to other blenders that have proven themselves already as well as those that seem to be up and coming, and eventually to other kitchen appliances and tools like knives, microwaves, and wine coolers. This will primarily be driven by reader’s requests and desires, and Chef Paul will personally write or edit all new coverage.

First on the list for expanded coverage are additional blenders and food processors. Next planned are knife sets and then perhaps espresso makers. “It all depends on our readers desires, Chef Paul Finnofich states. “Basic kitchen tools like blenders and knives are our number one priority.”

About was founded four years ago by Chef Paul Finnofich when he realized his home Osterizer Blender was over 50 years old and still going strong. In a time when many appliances are thrown away when they break or wear, he wanted to raise awareness of the widespread availability of replacement parts and the ease of repair and prevent quality kitchen tools and appliances from ended up in landfills.

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