Most Promising Nordic Startups Nominated for 2013


Oslo, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- The Nordic region of the world was once best known for its beautiful fair-haired people and breathtaking landscapes.  While these things are still very true, they are also making their mark with some of the best startup companies on the internet. See our list of the most promising Nordic startup companies below.

1. was created by Eric Andersen from Oslo, Norway, who originally intended to create a list dedicated to the top beers. What resulted was a social list platform.  Launched in November 2012, is the only truly social and crowd-sourced top lists website, according to Andersen.  At their site you can start your very only list that others will add to and rank or you can add to someone else’s list and rank. The site has lists from top movies of all times to top diets and best cars of all times. This site is unique, creative, fun and informative.

2. is a music site headquartered in Oslo, and founded by self-proclaimed hackers and entrepreneurs who believe “music sounds better with friends”.  They created a unique way to listen to music and interact with friends at the same time.  Almost 60 artists have created their own “rooms” in Soundrop, including Maroon 5, Carrie Underwood and Smashing Pumpkins to name a few. Launched in November 2011, they streamed more than 2.3 million tracks, while today they are streaming more than 60 million songs per month.  In February 2013, they partnered with to form a perfect music marriage made in Nordic heaven. The creators have said, “Music was originally social; people had to go somewhere to hear it. Today music is often experienced individually. By combining the concept of the jukebox with the pervasiveness of the web, we can restore music to its social roots”.

3. is a Swedish music streaming service launched in October 2008. They allow users to stream music from your computer, tablet, mobile phone or home entertainment system.

Let Spotify bring you the right music for every mood and moment.  They offer customizable streaming packages with both free and paid subscriptions.  As of December 2012, they reached 20 million registered users with more than 5 million of them paying monthly streaming fees.

These three Nordic companies are well on their way to being superstars of the internet. is practically a household name in music streaming  and they’ve only been around for 4 years.  We can’t say for sure, but perhaps there is something in the air or water that is inspiring the Nordic people to create some of the best new internet companies around. Whatever the cause, let’s hope this is a trend that continues because the rest of the world is reaping the rewards of their creativity and ingenuity!

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