Most Reliable Car Brands of 2013 Can Be Found at Acklam Car Centre Ltd


Middlesbrough, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Recently, the Consumer Report published a list of the most reliable car brands on the market today. The report listed cars that were the least likely to encounter issues or break down. Many famous car brands, such as Subaru, GMC, Honda, Volvo, Mazda, Audi, Toyota and Lexus, appeared on the report’s list. The report showed that it is Japanese car brands that tend to be the most reliable. Currently, consumers can find just as a wide a selection of quality used cars, from some of the most reliable car brands in the world, as they can new cars, and at a fraction of the price.

Acklam Car centre Ltd, has a plethora of used cars, which are in prime condition, on display at their dealership in Middlesbrough. Cars from some of the world’s most reliable manufacturers can be found at the dealership. They have a wide selection of Mazda’s, Hondas, Audi’s, Toyotas, and more.

About Acklam Car Centre Ltd
Acklam Car Centre in Middlesbrough is a car dealership, which specializes in selling used cars. It is a family owned business, which employs highly skilled car technicians. This ensures that all of the vehicles that the company offers are of the highest quality. The company offers a wide range of different car brands, from some of the world’s most famous car brands. This means that customers are able to look through a wide range of options to find a car that is suited to them. The car centre also offers payment plans for their customers. The Acklam Car Centre Finance plan allows customers who might not have a large budget to purchase their car, and then pay for it in instalments. Clients who want to learn more about the Acklam Car Centre used car dealership should visit the Acklam Car Centre Twitter page, and the Acklam Car Centre Facebook page, and for Acklam Car Centre news and updates, consumers can view the company’s website.

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