Most Teeth Whitening Choices Work, but Toothpastes Raise Concerns


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Teeth whitening can be accomplished at home, in the dentist’s office or through a combination of both, and most methods are safe and effective. But avoiding chemicals can be a challenge when whitening teeth, especially for those who choose to use a whitening toothpaste.

Still, patients have at least five other options besides whitening toothpastes (see Dr. Vinograd’s article ‘How To Whiten Teeth’). Toothpastes often contain potentially harmful chemicals unless you make your own. But patients can choose whitening trays, whitening strips, whitening pens, professional bleaching or laser whitening with relative confidence.

At home whitening kits can be effective if immediate results are not required. All of them work to some degree when users follow the provided directions.

As we age, tooth enamel becomes more porous, and teeth look less white because the dentin below shows through. In addition, activities like smoking, drinking coffee and red wine and even using fluoride toothpastes can stain and discolor teeth.

Today, whitening is more popular than ever. Whitening products restore whiteness that many people associate with youth and good health. Once, people simply accepted that teeth become dull and yellow with age. Now, there are alternatives.

Whitening toothpastes are the least expensive option, but they also cause concerns for holistic dentists like San Deigo’s Dr. Daniel Vinograd of Brighton Gentle Dental.

“Of the options available, most are fairly safe,” Dr. Vinograd said. “One exception, however, are toothpastes. Finding ones without chemicals can be difficult, although you can make your own.”

When home whitening products like trays, strips or pens do not work well for a patient or when faster results are desirable, in-office treatments can sometimes get better results and are often quicker. That’s because in-office professional bleaching can be enhanced with the effects of a laser to speed the whitening process. This process is more expensive than using at home products, but the results may be worth it to some patients.

“At Brighton, we use concentrated hydrogen peroxide -- a biocompatible product -- along with a Zoom whitening lamp. The lamp activates the peroxide, allowing it to permeate better, and patients can see several shades of whitening in a single sitting. Follow-up with trays further enhances the results.”

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