Moment of Focus

Mother Nature-Inspired Invigorates Casual and Cocktail Style

Unique PhotoGem(TM) pendants create a new category in fashion jewelry and add excitement to any woman's wardrobe.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2011 -- Moment of Focus a designer jewelry company, announced the launch today of a line of unique pendant necklaces, centered around brilliant nature photography.

Photographer and jewelry designer, Karen Berman, developed the line after traveling the world and selling her photos in a traditional format. Berman, who has been a photographer since receiving her first camera at age 10, wanted to create an easy way to bring nature’s wonder to our daily lives, besides simply hanging a photograph on the wall.

“I'm passionate about capturing the natural beauty that surrounds us and about helping busy women to slow down, even if only briefly", says Berman. "Wearing a pendant with a small image of something stunning and intriguing can remind you to savor small joys like a bright, blooming rose or to reflect on a special moment in your day." Berman’s iconic pendants, which are meticulously hand-crafted, center on her photographs from such diverse locations as the Yosemite Valley, the Pacific Coast and the Sedona Desert, among other places.

Based in San Francisco, Berman sells her necklaces through the Moment of Focus website ( Moment of Focus silver pendant necklaces complement any outfit with a range of colors and designs. Suitable for work and play, a Moment of Focus necklace can brighten the most traditional professional outfit, enhance a black cocktail dress with striking color, and add flair to a casual jeans and blouse ensemble.

Women of all ages have been drawn to the Moment of Focus collection because of its elegant, yet exciting look. has been flooded with testimonials from customers who treasure these unique necklaces. For instance, Rosie from Florida states plainly, “I love it and I do not love things.” Other comments range from “meaningful and mesmerizing”, and “my favorite pieces”, to “the best gift I have received.”

The online store ( is currently the single venue online to purchase authentic Moment of Focus jewelry. New products will be added regularly to reflect Berman’s current photographic creations.