Mother's Day Gift Ideas from PhilFastFood


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- PhilFastFood is known as a company that delivers food items to different parts in the Philippines. While its focus is mostly on food, the company still understands that their clients also have gifting needs. This is when they thought about releasing some ‘Mother’s Day Gift Ideas’ in time for the big day.

Here are the items that they have included in their Mother’s Day selection.

Pizza Hut and Shakeys Food Packages

One of the things that PhilFastFood considered when including this in their Mother’s Day selection is the fact that Filipinos love celebrating with food. In fact, one of their most favorite foods is pizza. Just the mere mention of it is enough to paint a smile on their faces as they anticipate the rich taste of cheese and dough in their mouths.

With this, PhilFastFood thinks that it would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. In fact, they suggest it for mothers who live with other people. With a food package, she will be able to enjoy the food along with her loved ones.

Red Ribbon and Goldilocks Cake Packages also came up with an option for those people who want to treat their mothers to something sweet. After all, Mother’s Day is also a day for love and this is why something sweet would be a perfect addition to any food package. With this, PhilFastFood has put all of their Red Ribbon and Goldilocks cakes in the forefront so that their clients can send these sinful pleasures to their mothers in the Philippines. Sending these along with pizza food packages can make the whole family happy.

Fruits and Flower Packages

Aside from fast food and cakes, PhilFastFood also has some unique gift packages that are made just for mothers – the fruits and flower package. These packages are available in a variety of arrangements and packed with seasonal fruits. They are not only amazing to look it. They are also incredibly healthy as well.

With all these options presented by PhilFastFood, the company hopes to encourage their customers to order from them this coming Mother’s Day. They are not only a food company after all. They are also a company that’s dedicated to making the recipients of their clients happy.