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Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Regalo Manila


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- With Mother’s Day only a few days away, a trusted online gift shop named Regalo Manila have released a list of suggested gift items for the big day. They crafted this so that they can easily suggest gift items to clients who are lost on what to order. They hope that this list will not only help the company through promotion but also help their employees in dealing with clients who want some gift suggestions.

Regalo Manila is a gift shop that accepts orders from any part of the world and delivers items to their recipients in the Philippines. Due to the nature of their operations, they are more likely to appeal to overseas Filipino workers and people who have friends or loved ones in the Philippines. In fact, the company boasts as much as 100,000 regular customers from all over the world.

For Mother’s Day, Regalo Manila chose the items with the most orders. Here are their top 5 recommendations.

Flowers in a Vase
Regalo Manila puts this on top of the list because they know how Mothers love flowers in a vase. That’s because they don’t only look good but they can also act as a good decorative piece. Also, Regalo Manila knows how much their clients love fresh flowers. While there are other decorative pieces that a person can use for his or her home, there is still something different about fresh flowers which mothers love.

Flower Bouquet
For clients who think that flowers in a vase are just too bulky, Regalo Manila has another option – their flower bouquets. The good thing with these bouquets is that they elicit the same level of beauty as that in a vase. They can even come in a variety of arrangements. These are perfect gifts for Mother’s Day as it never fails to surprise mothers who are missing their sons and daughters.

The third option is for mothers who have a sweet tooth. Regalo Manila knows that not all mothers appreciate flowers. In fact, some mothers associate flowers with a bad memory. Because of this, the company also came up with an option that does not have flowers. But it contained chocolates so that it will be as sweet.

Party Food Package
The fourth option is for Filipino families who simply cannot celebrate alone. In fact, this is the best option for mothers who live with other people. This way, the people living with her will not feel left out once the gift comes. It can also give the family the license to celebrate just because it is Mother’s Day.

Last but not the least, Regalo Manila provided an option for clients who want to give a small memory to their mothers. This can easily be done with heart-shaped silver jewelry that can be shipped to any location in the country.

Regalo Manila hopes that these gift ideas will satisfy their clients’ tastes. After all, they did not create this list out of nowhere. They crafted this based on their 5 years of experience in the industry.