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Mother's Day Tips Pamphlet Released by Regalo Manila


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Regalo Manila has released a Mother’s Day themed pamphlet just in time. With the big day only a few days away, the company has decided to have a list of tips that can help not only their customers but also their customer service representatives in properly assisting confused customers. This way, they don’t only have a list of suggested items as they have already released a month before. Now, they also have some tips that can somehow help their customers in finding the perfect gift for their mothers in the Philippines.

The pamphlet was conceptualized in one of the preparation meetings that Regalo Manila held weeks before the big event. As an online gift shop that is operating for 5 years, they are already well acquainted with the common concerns of their customers. With this, they have decided to release a pamphlet that will not only help their clients make a better decision but also act as a company’s marketing tool for the upcoming special day.

Here is the tips included in the said pamphlet...

Tip #1: Mother’s Day Gifts should be simple

The best Mother’s Day gifts are simple. It is not the most expensive one nor it is the biggest one. In fact, a Mother’s Day gift can be small and simple yet imparts the right message that mothers want to hear. Mothers, after all, don’t expect a lot from their sons and daughters. In fact, they would be surprised if any of their sons or daughters will give them a gift. The goal of a gift should be to make Mother’s happy and not to show off. It might even better to keep things simple as mothers appreciate it more.

Tip #2: Mother’s Day Gifts should come from the heart

Mother’s day gifts can vary in terms of value. But a gift that costs lower than another may be worth more if sent with the right message. This means that that it does not matter how high or low the cost of the gift is. What matters is that it comes from the heart. With this, the gift should not be given out of obligation or to show off that the sender is able to spend much for a gift. It should also not be sent if that particular gift will offend the person who will receive it. It should only be sent to make the receiver happy.

Tip #3: Mother’s Day Gifts Should be Sent Conveniently

Mother’s Day gifts should also be sent in a convenient manner. This means that if the sender can prepare or make a gift at home, then that is better. If in case the sender lives far away from the receiver, the gift should be sent through a courier or a delivery team that is dedicated to send gifts in tip top shape. After all, you don’t want to entrust your gift to just about anyone.

That’s it. Regalo Manila hopes that these tips can make the gift search easier for their clients. After all, they think that It should not be complicated. It should not even be grand. It should just be simple and easy.

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Regalo Manila is a gift company based in the Philippines. They cater to people who live abroad by sending flowers and other gift items to the Philippines on their behalf. But aside from doing their job, they are also dedicated to making it easy for people to connect and send gifts no matter where they are in the world. They do this by accepting orders from any country and then sending orders locally through their dedicated team of delivery men. Aside from that, the company also has an in-house customer service team that tends to all their customers’ needs ensuring that every delivery is done successfully.