L.A.Scanworks Develops High Speed 6K Motion Picture Film Scanner to Relieve the 4K Content Bottleneck


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- Today L.A.Scanworks announced its purpose built FastScan6K™ Motion Picture film scanner. Designed to both repurpose and archive motion picture film libraries with all the native resolution available in the very best color or black and white film ever produced, the FastScan6K™ delivers archival quality resolution at real-time speeds or faster.

The announcement this week by Samsung and Amazon to deliver IP based 4K content to end users highlights the lack of 4K content and the speed limitations of current 4K scanning solutions. Current scanners require much more time to capture images at the required 4K resolution or above regardless of their published specifications. This capture time, typically much longer than the typical 24 fps of 35MM motion picture film, has resulted in a small percentage of content marooned on film being scanned for repurposing or archival. Until now this compromise between digitizing film at the resolution required to preserve all the fidelity available or scanning quickly for a coarse representation of the content were the only options available.

To preserve all the fidelity and nuances of the film content a 6K 12 bit depth image file is made of each frame. This resolution, without a real-time scanning speed, would do little to change the current paradigm of motion picture film scanning. The FastScan6K delivers this archival quality resolution at real-time speeds or faster; enabling a paradigm changing model to both preserve and monetize the extensive film libraries that are currently marooned on film. This game changing technology scanning is available as a service without capital expenditure. Client’s scanned content is available in multiple formats and content security is ensured through the entire process. All work is performed in a bonded high security California facility. World- wide on site film scanning is also available.

“Borrowing technologies from diverse industries and bringing them to bear on the 4K content bottleneck has resulted in a platform to both preserve and monetize existing content that has never been available in its native resolution. No longer must content owners choose what content to scan due to the historical speed limitations of existing scanning solutions,” said Harvey Spreckman, L.A Scanworks president.

About LA Scanworks
LA Scanworks provides motion picture film scanning and restoration services for archival and repurposing. Specializing in high resolution, restoration and fast turnaround times. All work is done in their bonded high security California facility to prevent compromise of client’s content.