Motivation - a Recent Study Reveals Motivation as the Key Factor in Success or Failure


South Australia, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- A recent study of people wanting to lose weight reveals that Motivation is the key factor in success or failure. discovered that in most cases it didn’t matter what type of program the person was following, and the same applied to people wanting to make other changes in their life, such as education or employment goals or improving relationships. In each case Motivation was the key to success.

But that sounds pretty obvious. When new goals are set, there is always some kind of motivation at work, but investigations of success and failure have revealed that the real challenge is to maintain motivation until the goals are achieved. Loss of motivation was seen as the real reason for failure, not the desire for change or the method adopted to achieve the change.

So what motivates and what de-motivates?

There are moments in every year and everyone's lifetime when circumstances cause people to take stock of their life, desires and goals. This usually leads to making some decisions about changes that could be made and defining some new goals to be achieved. This is a good, life affirming process that has usually been triggered by some event. For many people it is the realisation that they no longer have the health, weight or appearance that they desire, and new weight loss goals are set, and new programs started.

Sometimes this occurs simply because there was space to quietly reflect, and other times it is the result of a crisis, or pending crisis, requiring serious thought and action. Whatever the reason, there is always a significant motivation driving the reflection and decision making. The stimulus is either some significant dissatisfaction, or even fear, or a powerful desire to achieve an improved status, whether physical, emotional or financial. Sadly,most of these good intentions and new plans fall by the wayside. Failure to achieve the desired goals is the most common outcome.

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