Motivational Rap Artist Marcus Parker Changes His Name to M Positive

Marcus Parker Changes His Name to “M Positive”


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- After Years of making motivational rap music and writing books, Marcus Parker has decided to change his name to fit properly into his artistry. M Positive is the new tenet that the motivational rapper will now be called. Marcus says that he has paid his dues as an artist/author and thinks that the new name will shed more light on the content of his music. “Its all positive rap that has a very motivational vibe”, says Parker. “All of my music has been enjoyed by parents, students, and teachers, but whenever people hear the word RAP they instantly think that my music follows the patterns of what we know of rappers today.” Marcus makes it clear that he does NOT curse in his music and that he always includes a lesson to be learned in every song.

The former Dallas Morning News Bestseller of “The Product” has really seen both sides of the financial curve. He grew up poor in Port Arthur, Texas and then made a small fortune for himself by investing his dollars into tech stocks in the late nineties. He lost his stock market money after the 9-11 tragedy and then tried his wings at real estate to recover from his losses. His investment into real estate proved not to be Parker’s wisest decision as it almost landed him a trip to prison years later as he was indicted behind a mortgage fraud investigation in 2008.

Spending years recording music and also writing a couple of follow-up books has landed Parker a place in history as a youth motivator as he has touched many youth with his positive messages. However, as an artist, he felt as though the name Marcus Parker, that he shares with thousands of others couldn’t possibly summarize a life that has been filled with so many ups and downs, as well as a genre of rap music with no cursing and no materialistic lyrics. Parker hopes to re-release his best songs under his new name in a compilation album titled “I Have A Dream”, which pays tribute to one of Parker’s role models, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “ I pray that this new generation can be inspired and motivated by this new style of music that I am delivering”Parker says. We hope to celebrate a successful career and album from the latest name in Motivational Rap “M Positive

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