Motivational Rap Recently Slammed on Major Hip Hop Video Site for Daring to Bring a Positive Message

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2013 -- The latest motivational rap by artist, author and youth speaker Marcus A. Parker didn’t quite get the kind of attention Parker had hoped for. In fact, the rap, which sends a positive message to today’s youth and avoids any kind of profanity, was quickly slammed by young listeners on This website is the most popular site featuring rap music from a variety of artists and every rap artists knows that to get the attention of the rap listener, they have to post on this site. That’s what made the reaction to his rap so frustrating to Parker. He knew he would reach a large and knowledgeable rap fan base by turning to World Star Hop Hip and he hoped that young people would be receptive to a positive message to counter balance the negative, violent and defeatist music they are used to.

Instead, Parker, also known as M-Positive received incredibly negative, angry and profanity-laced comments from many of those who took the time to listen to the rap. Many of the comments had the same theme; that no one wants to hear a positive message. Most were too profane to print and many attacked Parker personally. For Parker, the reaction was especially disappointing since he has spent much of his adult life reaching out to young people with a message of hope. His primary goal has been to motivate young people and instill confidence so they can walk into the future with a sense of hope and not the feeling of hopelessness that so many young people feel today.

Parker’s rap is centered on the things young people can do to help themselves and those around them and build a brighter and stronger future for themselves. There is no mention of violence, drugs or sex. In a sense, the rap is a challenge to traditional hip hop that does focus on these negative aspects of society and in fact glamorizes them, and that is most likely the reason for the very negative reaction. Many people do not like to have their paradigm challenged. Parker, however, is determined to turn disappointment and anger into renewed motivation and he recently commented, “I am more determined than ever to continue to put a positive message in front of young people everywhere. I remain convinced that there are many who are searching for something more than the negative messages they hear day in and day out.”

Parker’s optimism may not be misplaced, as more recent posts about his rap have turned markedly more positive and supportive. Perhaps it just takes time to make a difference. To View the actual video you can click on this link: or to learn more about Marcus Parker and his important work visit his website at: