Motivational Rapper Marcus "M-Positive" Parker Releases Chopped Version of His Underground Classic "What the P For"

Track inspired by the success of Parker’s best-selling book “The Product” is re-released as Chopped Remix


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2015 -- Motivational author, speaker, and poet Marcus "M-Positive" Parker has a triumphant story to share—which is the motivation for all he does. In his 2004 book The Product Parker shared how many youth are a "product" of broken homes, but that "we can use our pain to drive our progress." In the book Parker shared his personal story of overcoming adversity, as well as many quotes and poems from globally recognized role models.

In 2005 The Product made its way on to the "Dallas Morning News Best-Seller List" alongside accomplished authors such as TD Jakes, Barack Obama, and Maya Angelou. The success of the book led Parker to write the accompanying track "What the P For", in which Parker took the "P",( which stood for The Product), and cleverly used almost it in almost 50 words beginning with the letter through-out the song. The hook "Pursuing Your Purpose, Keep your eye on the Prize" added to the song's catchy beat and all –around positive vibe which was very rare in a hip hop song, particularly at that time.

Just before the rise of social media giants like Facebook and Youtube Parker's underground song which had been debuted by two of Texas' largest radio markets; Dallas' number 1 hip-hop station K104.5, and Beaumont's magic 102.5. The song was then debuted nationally with the help of the HBCU radio network, The Bev Smith Show as well as Empowerment Radio with Tunde Obazee.

Parker seemed unstoppable as he became a sought-after youth speaker with many schools, young centers and churches to his credit. That is until he ran into, what he calls his "Storms" in life. The next ten years for Parker would test if he was really as motivated as he claimed. Bankruptcy, foreclosures, a federal indictment, and the death of Parker's fathers all posed challenges that he faced since his within the decade since he was at his peak 10 years ago.

But as the saying goes, "You can't keep a good guy down", which is the truth in Marcus's case. He has recovered from "The Storm" and has moved into brighter days. He has recently completed an independent film called "The Art of Motivating Today's Teen", which is available now through Amazon Instant Video.

Parker, now 41 credits his 14 year old son with giving him the idea to release, what he calls his Dad's old-school jams, in a chopped and screwed version. "I launched the chopped version of 'What the P For' after my son expressed to me that he liked the song with the southern feel to it." said M-Positive. Although he still admits that he prefers the original version of the song better, Mr. Parker is still very happy that young people are getting a chance to hear the positive message in the song regardless of the speed that they play it.

"What the P For" also features 2006 American Idol contestant Bluu Suede—who is currently a backup singer for Jill Scott.

"While I had hoped that my autobiographic book, and my track 'What the P For' would inspire youth to overcome the obstacles they are born into—I never imagined that so many teachers around the world would incorporate both into their curriculum. Since both speak in a voice youth relate to, teachers and youth mentors are some of my biggest fans."

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About Marcus "M-Positive" Parker
Parker, now 41 credits his 14 year old son with giving him the idea to release, what he calls his Dad's old-school jams, in a chopped and screwed version.

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