Joe Bragg Helps with Secondhand Motorcycle Purchases with Free Background Checks


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- As the warm summer months arrive, millions of motorcyclists across America will take to the nation’s roads. Summer is a beautiful time to ride a motorcycle in any part of the country, and many people dream of cruising across the country in their very own motorcycle.

But before living that dream, drivers need to purchase a motorcycle. And since new motorcycles can be expensive, many people end up turning to the secondhand marketplace for the best deals. But one website is urging visitors to avoid buying any secondhand motorcycles until they first check the Vehicle Identification Number, also known as the VIN.

That website is, which helps visitors quickly and easily check the VIN of any motorcycle they wish to purchase. Identifying a motorcycle’s VIN comes with a number of valuable benefits. Prospective owners can see if that motorcycle has been involved in a collision, for example, or decide if they’re paying way too much for a below-average motorcycle.

At the Motorcycle VIN Check website, visitors will find a number of helpful tips and tricks for purchasing a motorcycle. The website recommends buyers avoid purchasing bikes from motorcycle shops that are in remote locations, for example, to avoid getting duped. also tells visitors how to get the best deal when purchasing a motorcycle online.

When shopping for motorcycles online, it’s easy to encounter sellers who are simply looking to dupe motorcycle enthusiasts. A spokesperson for highlighted a few red flags that buyers should look for when purchasing a bike over the internet:

“On the internet, any listing that appears too good to be true should be treated as a scam. The internet is home to plenty of scam artists, and motorcycle enthusiasts get tricked every day. To avoid these scams, we recommend buyers look for red flags, like a large holding fee or a refusal to allow a VIN check. By paying attention to basic tips like these, motorcycle buyers can ensure they get the best possible deal on a top-quality bike.”

The website makes it easy to check the VIN of any motorcycle. First, the website teaches visitors where to find the VIN on any motorcycle. Next, it explains what each part of the VIN number means. The first letter, for example, designates the country of origin, while the second letter designates the manufacturer. Since there are 17 alphanumeric characters in a typical VIN, understanding what each character means will tell buyers everything they need to know about a particular vehicle.

Once motorcycle buyers have identified the VIN, they can use the to find websites that offer a free Motorcycle VIN check. That VIN will show the unique history of a particular vehicle and produce a credible background report when scanned.

About explains the importance of scanning a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of a motorcycle before purchasing it. The website explains what each character of a VIN means before linking visitors to websites where they can scan a specific VIN to produce a credible background report. For more information, please visit: