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MotorShack Publishes Motor Trade Insurance Guide with Insider Secrets on Insurance Savings

MotorShack has created an insider guide to motor trade insurance that shares key secrets to saving money on motor trader insurance, helping to make their comparison tools more effective.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Car insurance may seem straight forward for the average driver, but for sole traders and small businesses whose income and livelihood depends on their vehicles, insurance can be a punishing cost that while absolutely necessary to ensure their survival, can also threaten it due to high premiums. MotorShack specializes in specialist motor insurance and helps people get the best possible deals using its price comparison tools. The site has now published a guide from an industry insider sharing the best secrets for saving money on motor trade insurance.

The motortrade insurance guide contains four secrets, each a guide to unpicking how insurance works from the inside in order to optimize an application to get the best results while still getting the necessary coverage. These include sometimes counterintuitive advice like ‘the cheapest quote is not the best’, which are then elaborated upon by the expert.

The guide has been created by MotorShack in order to provide an invaluable guide to users who are looking to save money on their motor trade insurance while at the same time ensuring they have the right kind of cover. The insurance provided by the site can even include public and employers liability, premises and stock, trade plate cover and a great deal more.

A spokesperson for MotorShack explained, “Price comparison is a tool, and as with any tool, an expert can use it more effectively than an amateur. That’s why, to help people get the very best possible deals from our price comparison tools, we have published a guide from an industry insider as to how to get better and more cost-effective quotes by presenting information in the right way to optimize the returns. It’s all part of the value-added service we provide free of charge every day to thousands of users, and demonstrates our continuing commitment to becoming the industry leader in this field.”

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