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Motory, the Largest Online Automotive Portal Publishes Infographic Explaining Automotive Sales Boom in Arabic Gulf Countries


Makkah, Saudi Arabia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- Motory, the largest online automotive portal in the Gulf countries has recently published an infographic that explains the various factors contributing in the boom of automotive sales for the past few years. The infographic lists the current automotive market stats exhibiting why car sales are on the up. The website states:

“Automotive sales in the Arab Gulf countries is booming for the past few years, and the automotive market in the GCC block is considered to be the fastest growing market in the world, and it's a direct result of many factors that came into play in the recent years”

Many news sources have also reported on the recent surge in passenger car sales in the Gulf countries hinting that the main buyers are families. The trend of automotive sales is an important indicator of how people are choosing to spend their money and more importantly the business activity of the region. The Gulf region is enjoying a consumer spending boom, the Motory infographic displays that SUVs and large size cars have been in high demand due to the size of the average household which is Six or more people. It is important to note that these household have high disposable income levels which allows them to own more than one car per household. In the UAE sales of new vehicle has risen due to the large affluent expatriate population, among which Saudi citizens bought 750,000 cars in 2013 according to Motory Infographic. Most buyers are interested in purchasing cars manufactured in Europe, more specifically the German makes and brands. Motory verifies this trend by stating:

“One of the major highlights is the growth in German cars sales, as traditionally the German car is not considered to be the first typical GCC family choice.”

According to the statistics mentioned in the Motory Infographic the automobile brands that enjoyed the most growth in sales in the Gulf Countries were the four wheel drive specialists brand Land Rover and the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen. Another factor that drives the automotive sales in the Gulf countries is the subsidized prices of petrol in the region which are ultra-low allowing buyers to be less stressed about fuel prices hikes.

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