Joe Bragg Introduces the World to Iboga Spiritual Healer Moughenda Mikala


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- The Iboga plant is an important part of the Bwiti spiritual tradition of West-Central Africa. Bwitists practice their religion primarily in Gabon, Cameroon, and the Republic of the Congo, Today, thanks to the work of Bwiti spiritual healer Moughenda Mikala, the Iboga plant has helped cure addiction, mental illness, and emotional trauma throughout the western world.

At, visitors can learn a number of important details about spiritual healer Moughenda Mikala. The website explains Moughenda Mikala’s upbringing as a Bwiti shaman as well as his current work as the founder of Iboga House Center, an addiction healing center based in Costa Rica. Since opening in 2009, the Iboga House Center has treated over 600 patients from eight different countries and continues to expand.

As a spokesperson for explains, the secret to the success of the Iboga House Center is not a secret at all:

“Bwiti shamanism is thousands of years old and has its roots in the forests of Gabon. The country of Gabon recognizes Bwiti as one of the country’s three official religions, and one of the primary beliefs of the religion is in the unique properties of the Iboga plant, which provides a psychedelic experience to those who ingest it. During the Iboga ceremony, experienced Bwiti shamans are often able to remove the scourge of addiction from the body, and patients undergo a personal journey that has a remarkably high success rate when treating mental illness, emotional trauma, substance addiction, and more.”

The website explains that Moughenda had his first teaspoon of ground Iboga root at the age of eight. This was Moughenda’s first experience with Bwiti shamanism, and the experience was guided by Moughenda’s grandfather, a well-respected shaman known throughout south Gabon. Moughenda continued learning about the five different branches of Missoko Bwiti and completed shaman training at the age of 22. After working at a Gabonese oil company for several years, Moughenda received a vision imploring him to travel to the west to spread the unique treatment.

Today, Moughenda Mikala and his Iboga House Center treat substance abuse addictions, emotional trauma, disease, mental illness, and other conditions. Those interested in learning more about Moughenda Mikala, his background, and his current work with Iboga House Center can visit today for more information. The website’s blog posts update visitors on the current work of Moughenda, and visitors can also view media information, videos, podcasts, and upcoming speaking dates around the world.

About is the online home of Moughenda Mikala, a Bwiti shaman who has brought his spiritual practice to North America. Mikala uses the psychedelic properties of the Iboga plant to treat addiction, mental illness, emotional trauma, and more from his Iboga House Center in Costa Rica. For more information, please visit: