Move Over, Tyler Perry Playwright Stephanie Singleton's Broadcast Comedy Stage Play Live on the Internet


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2012 -- Playwright Stephanie Singleton’s will be broadcasting a FREE Live Streaming of her comedy stage play " Pinky's Beauty & Barber Salon - The Hair Show’ Saturday July 21, 2012 8pm PST /11pm EST from the famous Acme Theatre in Hollywood, CA. The performance is being staged as a fundraising effort to tour the stage production to Historical Black Colleges & Urban Conventions beginning late fall. The link to view the production will be posted on their web site

The talented Hairstylist turned writer, director and producer Stephanie, recently self produced, traveled and debuted this stage play Pinky's Beauty & Barber Salon - The Hair Show from her current resident in Los Angeles back to her hometown Akron, Ohio (May 26, 2012.) The salon stage play received raving reviews by the community and recognizable attention by local newspapers such as Akron's own Beacon Journal (Kerry Clawson / story editor), Examiner (Patricia Tramble / story editor) and Cleveland Ohio's ' Call & Post (Rhonda Crowder/ story editor).

Pinky's Beauty & Barber Salon - The Hair Show is a comedy salon stage play about a stylist whose name is Pinky Bell and he titles himself, ‘The King of Hair.’ He is known for wearing a pink wig and boldly expressing his opinion and saying whatever is on his mind. He enjoys being the center of attention and playing the victim. He avoids his bill collectors by pretending he never has any money. But,... his luck runs out with one certain Bill Collector who threatens to turn the lights off. When Pinky finds himself and his stylists styling hair in the dark by candle light, he convinces them the only way to pay his bills is by entering the Atlanta, GA hair show. But his real motive is to prove once and for all he is ‘The King of Hair’ or so, he thinks.

Pinky's Beauty & Barber Salon - The Hair Show’ is a urban stage play starring Clark Lewis as Pinky ( salon owner & hairstylist), La Keishia Simon as La Quesha (Hairstylist) and Joshua Johnson as Bookie (Barber Stylist). And featuring Comedians Dion Lack ( 2010 Super Bowl Dorrito Commercial) and Clint " LazyBoy" Catlin ( Opener Bruce Bruce, & Chris Tucker) The play has also been written to allow both experienced and non experienced actors to be featured in non speaking extras roles, and earning stage credit in this Hollywood production. The extra roles are chosen through video taped audition submissions.

Stephanie says' Pinky's Beauty & Barber Salon - The Hair Show is fictional comedy stage solely entertainment purposes and not to be deemed as educational. However with so many urban communities stricken by various depressions, and negative activity, I realize that this play can not heal the world. But for those who are willing and need to laugh, its a comedy stage play that is able to comfort the soul."

For more information about the Free Live broadcast of Pinky's Beauty & Barber Salon - The Hair Show or for Show Booking visit or contact (818) 331-8222.