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Movers NYC 123 Publishes New Tips for Those in the Process of Relocating Their Home provides new resources, including a moving checking, to ensure the relocation process goes smoothly


Trento, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- According to the latest published statistics from the United States Census Bureau, the percentage of people changing residences in 2011 was the lowest since the government began collecting these statistics in 1948. Many expect this figure to rise as the economy improves, and those looking to relocate often turn to professional movers for assistance. When one finds they will be changing residences, the nyc moving tips offered at Movers NYC 123 ( become of great help.

"Individuals find many decisions need to be made when the time comes to change residences. One decision to be made involves determining whether one wishes to use a moving truck to transport their possessions or if the hiring of professional movers makes more sense. Many opt to turn to the pros as this reduces the burden they are under, irrespective of how far the move will be," Charles Mc Calon of Movers NYC 123 explains.

Options offered by many moving companies include packing of household goods, transporting the items, unpacking items at the new residence, and arranging items in the home. As this varies by company, one needs to always ask for and obtain a written quote, one which details exactly what the moving company will be doing for the price they provided. This ensures the cost doesn't go up on the day of the move.

"Moves involve a great deal of stress and often anxiety. The last thing anyone wants to deal with when moving is a company who provides a bill significantly higher than the quoted price. For this reason, one must always obtain a written quote, one that lists each item specifically. This prevents unpleasant surprises when one arrives at their new residence," Mc Calon continues.

In an effort to make this process easier, Movers NYC 123 provides a moving checklist on the website. The checklist covers details such as changing one's address, who will be transporting valuable items such as family heirlooms, transporting the family pet, and more. The checklist eases the way for the person relocating to a new residence and helps to ensure essential steps aren't overlooked.

"Before moving, take the time to visit Movers NYC 123. Doing so helps to reduce the stress associated with this major transition, and also makes the entire process easier. One obtains a great deal of information in a short period of time when using the site so anyone planning a move or contemplating changing residences should visit the site to make the transition easier," Mc Calon proclaims.

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