Movers4Less, a Walnut Creek Moving Company, Innovates with Bulk Crates and Safer Packing Materials

Movers4Less Walnut Creek, serving the East Bay Area for over 20 years, has always led the way with customer satisfaction and affordable prices. Always improving, two recent innovations make packing faster and less expensive while keeping belongings safer. Movers4Less has once again set a new standard amongst all East Bay moving companies.


Walnut Creek, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- Movers4Less now offers solid wood crates on wheels for packing and easily maneuvering bulk items and improved packing materials that use the latest design to ensure that every item moved arrives in the same condition as it was originally packed. The bulk crates will save customers time and money as they can pack faster and with little worry and the new packing materials are without compromise to ensure peace of mind.

According to Movers4Less a lot of time and energy is spent in packing loose items from closets, drawers, and shelves into moving boxes, but with the new solid wood crates each customer can simply fill each crate without worrying about how each item is packed. The reason this is effective is because the crates are made of solid wood and therefore the contents cannot be crushed or damaged from any pressure on the outside. Outside pressure on the sides or top of traditional cardboard boxes can still expose contents to damage, but the crates use solid wood as protection from any external pressure.

With this system any homeowner that wants to move for example, their inventory of shoes from a closet, can simply load the shoes into the crates quickly, without worrying about them being crushed or pushed out of shape. This is a major improvement over moving items such as shoes in plastic bags or boxes. When moving the old way shoes can be damaged because the packaging can be crushed or damaged as other boxes push down and against them. With solid wood crates, the shoes would always be protected because the sides, top, and bottom of the crate are inflexible and can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure without putting any of that pressure on the items within the crate.

The crates are a way that Movers4Less can help customers pack quicker and for less money, saving money on boxes and wasted packing material. Movers4Less is quick to add that the crates do not eliminate the need for packing materials, especially for fragile items, but they do reduce the overall amount of packing materials needed.

Packing materials themselves are always an expense necessary to protect items being moved, but represent an added moving expense that most wish they could avoid. This is why when Movers4Less came across new and improved materials that are more protective than their old materials, they were quick to add them to their inventory, making them available to their customers.

This new packing material is not only more protective, but it also reduces wasted space within boxes. It is not uncommon for a box full of items needing protection to be within a box where the materials themselves take over 20 percent of available space. This added bulk adds to the expense of the move by requiring more boxes to be purchased and moved than would otherwise be required. With the new materials excess bulk is reduced without sacrificing protection and therefore will save money by reducing the number of boxes purchased and time lost in moving those additional boxes.

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Movers4Less operates throughout Contra Costa County and Alameda County with full service moving and storage services. Having first opened over 20 years ago they have built a solid reputation for low cost professional service and have always led the field in innovations that can make moving more affordable.

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