Movesfromtv.Com to Teach Ordinary People to Dance Like Pop Stars

With music videos flourishing online as well as on television, people now have the opportunity to learn the moves they see their favourite stars doing in classes in the UK.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- opens with the goal of teaching people to dance like their favourite pop stars. Offering dance workshops lasting two hours or more, they aim to equip people with moves they are able to learn and then try out on the dance floor the same day.

Their approach differs from existing offerings which focus on teaching one music video by one particular artist or group. The content of the classes span a wider variety of moves by different pop stars offering something for everyone.

They are dedicated to offering high quality teaching at an affordable price for those that want rapid results. By offering detailed explanations and fun ways of practising the moves they are able to distil the moves into students at a faster pace.

Working inside a dance studio, students are able to taste what it's like to be a pop star working with a choreographer. Moves are sourced from current and previous popular music videos and are explained using a beginner friendly method.

By learning moves from a variety of artists, students are able to become more accomplished overall dancers as their body learns to adapt to a greater variety of movements. This allows them to develop a wider array of skills that are useful for a dancer to have.

During classes students also have the opportunity to learn short routines consisting of moves they have learnt during the class. These short routines help to consolidate the moves into the minds of the students and they also provide students with a sense of accomplishment.

Potential students interested in taking part in the classes can visit to find out more about the services on offer.

About provides music video style dance workshops and 1 to 1 lessons in the UK. They make use of detailed breakdowns and exercises so students are able to learn effectively.

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