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MoveUp Web Marketing Announces Expansion of Performance Tracking Platform

Expansion allows businesses in almost all categories to easily run and track phone and email campaigns, reports


Providence, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- MoveUp Web Marketing, an online marketing company, today announced the expansion of its performance-based tracking platform to cover most business categories. Its platform "takes the guesswork out of where phone calls and email leads are coming from" so that the effectiveness of various programs can be effectively tracked. The platform also records calls that come in from MoveUp's campaigns so that clients can review them by simply logging in and listening.

"One of the biggest problems in marketing is tracking the effectiveness of all of the campaigns. This is especially true when multiple campaigns are running at once. Yet this can be considered the most important part of advertising and other types of marketing. After all, it's impossible to optimize campaigns if there's no way to tell what's working," said Ryan Wood, founder of MoveUp Web Marketing.

Tracking is done in a number of ways, but the method used is usually matched to the medium through which sales and leads are coming from. Call-in campaigns, for example, are easily tracked by assigning a separate phone number to each one. Therefore, companies that offer phone-based marketing campaigns typically will have obtained hundreds of phone numbers so that they can easily assign them on an as-needed basis. Some companies have so many phone numbers at their disposal that they can give one to each affiliate for each campaign being run. This can add up to thousands of numbers.

Email tracking is often done by the use of images. Some systems use a hidden, clear pixel that will allow a server to log when the email is opened. Other systems use the plainly-visible images that accompany modern emails for the same purpose. If someone clicks a link in the email, that is also tracked by the server that the link goes to.

"Our latest expansion allows us to bring our service and tracking capabilities to more industries than ever before," said Wood. "Now, all anyone needs to do to get started with running campaigns or signing up for a tracking service is give me a call at MoveUp Web Marketing's Utah Office. I or one of my associates will discuss needs, integration with current systems, and other important factors to start improving clients' businesses right away."

The ability to integrate MoveUp Web Marketing's tracking platform with existing systems and work methods is one of it top selling points. With some tracking systems, everything ends up needing to be redone from the ground up. This presents a stiff barrier to entry that leaves many companies with no tracking at all. With MoveUp's solution, it will be much easier to get everything working right away because there's no need for any major overhauls. Because of this benefit, it is likely that MoveUp's expanded offering will see fast acceptance in the market.

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