Joe Bragg Gets Attention for Its Movie Trailers and Reviews


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- Watching a movie in a theatre can be an enjoyable experience. However, in this economy, many people are trying to save money by watching movies at home. Today, moviegoers are faced with a range of options when it comes to watching movies at home. Movies can be rented over tablets, smartphones, or DVRs, for example.

A new website called seeks to bring movies to any internet-connected device. At the website, visitors will find numerous popular films to watch online. Each movie is accompanied by its movie poster as well as an IMDB rating, making it easy for visitors to choose exactly which movie they want to watch. Visitors can also use the website to browse through movie trailers and reviews.

After scrolling through the list of movies, visitors can click on any link to visit the streaming page for that movie. In order to watch movies online, visitors need to sign up for a premium subscription. However, anyone can download the full-length video file for a movie by clicking on a link at the bottom of each page.

A spokesperson for explained what users can do with the source file for the movie:

“We provide a link users can click on to download any movie on our site. That link will take users to a full-length movie source, after which they can play the file on their TV, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device. We’ve also made it easy to download movies in all major file formats. Today, more and more people are watching movies on their smartphones and tablets, and we’ve designed our website to cater to that audience. We’ve had an excellent response from the public since launch with our reviews being particularly popular.”

Visitors who aren’t interested in the featured movies on the front page can also scroll through hundreds of videos along the sidebar of the website. The sidebar lists various movie categories, including animation, thriller, documentary, horror, sport, action, drama, comedy and many other categories. The site boasts a collection of thousands of movies spanning across decades of movie history.

The spokesperson believes that the extensive selection of movies will be the most important way to attract new visitors:

“Ultimately, when users visit a movie streaming website, they want to be greeted with an extensive selection of movies that they’re actually interested in watching. Since our visitors come from a variety of backgrounds all over the world, we wanted to provide them with the widest possible selection of movies.”

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