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Moving Cars - Fast and Affordable Car Transport Across Australia

Now offering transport services for non drivable vehicles, as well as standard vehicles


Molendinar, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2015 -- Moving Cars - Fast, affordable and easy car transport across Australia.

For years now Moving Cars has been providing people across Australia an easy and efficient method to get their cars wherever they need to be.

"We strive to provide people who need to get their cars around Australia, an easy and stress free way to do so. Cars are important to people, most of us use them everyday. So would you want to trust your car in the hands of just anyone? I know I wouldn't. The only person that would be handling my car would be someone I know I can trust, someone who's been doing this for years." reported the manager of Moving Cars.

He continued,"We ensure that at every stage of the transportation your vehicle is handled by people who are well trained, responsible and professional. Regardless of if you're moving a Ferrari or a Commodore, we every vehicle equally and ensure that they are treated with the respect that they deserve."

Moving Cars can help with getting your vehicle wherever you need it to be with only a days notice. If your situation suddenly changes and you need to get your car across the country with a moments notice then Moving Cars has the systems in place to begin that move within a day.

"Not only do we have the ability to move cars on a moments notice, we can also plan moves weeks or months in ahead if you're planning a holiday or moving for work."

Something that has definitely helped Moving Cars separate themselves from the competition is their newest service, the ability to transport non-drivable vehicles. "We have people contact us every single day asking to move a car that didn't work, and for years we were unable to help them, and even with our vast network of carriers we couldn't even point them in the right direction to get it done. This frustrated both us and the people we were speaking to. One day I'd just had enough of not being able to get this done for people and decided to set out to find people willing do to it."

Moving a non-drivable car on a normal carrier truck is something that most carriers choose to take no part in. A quick search of the web shows that almost nobody provides this service Australia wide, until now.

"The problem lies in the fact that the carriers who transport cars Australia wide are too big to want to know about it, because its generally too much hard work, but what we've managed to do is use a few smaller scale carriers that when combined cover the entire country."

"Moving a car in a non-drivable condition can save our customers a serious amount of money. Often people purchase a classic car that has maybe not been driven for some time, they have the tools and knowledge to get it driving themselves, but they're on the other side of the country, spending hundreds or thousands getting it into a drivable condition just to load it on the truck. It just makes purchasing your dream car that much more expensive, and its so unnecessary."

Moving Cars is now one of Australia's only nation-wide carriers who can assist in transport of both drivable and non-drivable vehicles, all at a price that is often far below what you would find anywhere else.

About Moving Cars
Moving Cars is a leading car transportation company with years of knowledge and expertise at their disposal. Their office is based on the Gold Coast in southern Queensland and they provide their remarkable service throughout Australia.

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