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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2015 -- Recent news has surfaced on what could be considered the ultimate British house move. Sarah and Adam Howard, from Clan in Wiltshire, recently transported their Georgian manor, brick-by-brick to Uley in Gloucester. Therefore, not only were the contents moved, but the entire property itself, over an impressive 30 mile distance.

Although the case at hand may appear an extreme example, it does indicate a trend of homeowners wanting increased control over the removal procedure. When moving, growing numbers of people want to take characteristic elements of their old home with them – which may include garden ornaments that were already there, or elements like heavy light fittings and mirrors. This means that the moving of belongings from houses needs to be increasingly versatile and is a process which may need to be adapted to more complex tasks.

People's attachment to their old homes often leads to them wanting to take parts with them, a feeling which many can empathize with.

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Safe Removals are a prime example of a removal firm striving to deliver a service which ensures that clients can transfer what they want between properties. They are experts in the industry with multiple years of experience – including operating in the busy capital – and a spokesperson had this to say:

"At Safe Removals we recognize the pressure upon removal companies to deliver a service which is as close to brick-by-brick efficiency as possible," A spokesperson said "What is meant by this, is going the extra mile to ensure that even the heaviest stock can get transferred if it has sentimental value to the individual. People may well be surprised by the services we offer and the extent to which we will go – trying to make sure people can keep pieces of their home with them as they move. This of course includes the secure and careful handling of each and every belonging, as part of an experience where the customer is always priority."

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