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Moyer's Services Group, Inc., 24/7 Fire Damage Restorer, Honors Local Firefighters


Souderton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- Every 24 seconds, a fire department responds to a fire emergency in the United States. Thanks to a force of over one million firefighters across the nation, hundreds of Americans are saved each year from these life-threatening incidents. In addition to emergency rescue and medical services, firefighters and fire companies offer fire control by preventing the spread of fire outbreaks and ensuring that buildings are structurally safe after the flames are extinguished.

On January 9th, Souderton, PA-based restoration specialists Moyer's Services Group, Inc. honored eight local fire companies from Bucks and Montgomery Counties at their Fire Chiefs' Appreciation Event. The night's festivities were held to recognize and say thank you for the countless hours that the area's volunteer fireman invest in their communities. Hundreds of Bucks and Montgomery County residents owe their physical safety and protection of their property to the brave individuals who risk their lives to combat fires in their community.

Moyer's Services Group, Inc. has worked in tandem with the firefighting community for over 20 years. The company provides emergency 24/7 response to water, fire and smoke damage to homes and buildings after the fire companies have done their work to make certain that the structures are safe. Moyer's Services Group, Inc. has earned a reputation among the firefighter community as a provider of excellent emergency services to their neighbors in their time of need.

When a fire breaks out in any local community, no matter how small or brief, the incident almost always leaves property damage in its wake. In 2013, fires caused over $6 billion in property damage, leaving business and homeowners with the task of structural repair and cleanup of water and smoke damage. Even minor fires can have long-lasting consequences: A business owner may find that visible burns on their rented building space deters potential customers from venturing beyond their storefront, while homeowners suffer a decrease in their quality of life due to lingering smoke odors or other aftereffects.

Moyer's Services Group, Inc.'s 24/7/365 fire damage restoration services are designed to quickly and thoroughly rectify the aftereffects of residential and commercial fires. The company is no stranger to restoration projects of all sizes, from minor smoke damage to major restorations of industrial buildings severely damaged by workplace fires. Their fire damage restoration series includes boarding up and tarping buildings under repair, removing debris, building security fences and rebuilding structures. Moyer's Services Group, Inc. will also take care of content inventory, cleaning and storages for businesses affected by fire.

Just like the firehouses that serve their community day and night, Moyer's Services, Group, Inc. is available at all hours. The company understands that fires often leave damage that must be repaired immediately. After receiving an emergency call, the company's team of customer service representatives, project managers, skilled carpenters and tradesmen will completely repair the damage, no matter how extensive, so that home and business owners can resume their usual routines.

To contact Moyer's Services Group, Inc. about emergency fire damage repair, call 215-309-8628.

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For over twenty years, Moyer's Services Group, Inc. has served its community's home and business owners with first-class restoration services. Boasting an expert team of skilled carpenters, tradesmen and technicians and supported by a community-wide reputation for integrity and flawless craftsmanship, Moyer's Services Group, Inc. is available 24/7/265 for emergency repair and restoration projects of any sizes.

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