MP45 and MP45X Gaining Huge Popularity as Number 1 Workout Program for the Gym


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2014 -- MP45 is a popular workout routine and meal plan program for the gym designed to get users into the best shape possible in just 45 days. The program is based around the philosophy of H.I.S.T., known as High Intensity Stimulation Training. This type of training combines a sprinter's workout with a powerlifter's workout to create the ultimate training experience. Jaret Grossman, creator of MP45, believes that H.I.S.T. is the best type of training because it shocks the muscles and central nervous system.

"If you ever look at sprinters, they have some of the best bodies as an athlete; they have a unique blend of a lot of muscle with very little body fat. They are using short, intensive bursts of energy when sprinting. This is the type of training that really targets those fast-twitch muscle fibers for muscular growth. Besides building lean muscle, research has also shown that sprinting can burn 9X more body fat than doing traditional steady state cardio. This is because fast twitch fibers take longer to repair and require more energy sustenance. Now, look at powerlifters. They are the strongest type of athletes because they focus on explosive lifts and increasing power. That's why MP45 combines both a sprinter's workout with a powerlifter's workout to build muscle, burn fat and build incredible strength all at once," said Grossman.

Grossman always wanted to create a top workout plan for the gym because people don't always have proper direction or guidance when exercising in the gym. He saw so many people using MP45 in gyms that he felt the need to take it further. After the overwhelming success and positive response from MP45, Grossman found it necessary to create another program to do after MP45.

Thousands of people have transformed their lives with MP45. As a motivational coach to high profile clients, Grossman helped clients lose 50 to 100 pounds in just a few months by following a specific protocol. He believed that this was his secret sauce because the program is so easy to follow and is so effective. That's why he created MP45X, the continuation program of MP45, which is the routine and meal plan that he and his other clients follow on a daily basis for a lifestyle of fitness.

"MP45X is built around the concept of ON/OFF Days, in which you get to stray from your diet multiple times every week. This isn't a quick fix where you're going to see yourself 20 pounds heavier when you go off of it. Strategy is not the main issue when it comes to losing fat and building muscle. There are lots of personal trainers and programs out there. The biggest reason people can't get into fitness model shape is because of deprivation and a lack of motivation. MP45X is so different because I tapped into a psychological approach that allows you to get into fitness model shape without ever having to sacrifice your favorite foods," said Grossman.

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MP45 is workout routine and meal plan program for the gym that has been designed to help users get into the best shape possible in just 45 days

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