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MPC AdCleaner 1.0: Wipe out All the Ads and Make Websites Load Faster

Unlike other ads cleaners with many complicated settings, the AdCleaner’s operation is aimed to be as easy as it can


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2015 -- MPC AdCleaner 1.0 is a 100% free ads cleaning software launched recently by DotCash Limited, which is the global leader in PC optimization. Advertisement is an important income for maintaining the operation and content quality of websites. However, there are some website owners who intend to insert unacceptable amount of ads on their websites and sometimes ads cover the content which users really look for. AdCleaner will help you to wipe out the ads and clean websites for you.

Unlike other ads cleaners with many complicated settings, the AdCleaner's operation is aimed to be as easy as it can. For users it is not necessary to do any operations after installation.

For wiping out website ads, it needs the rules of different websites to locate the ads. A larger scale of rules ensures wiping out ads from more websites. However, a larger scale of rules also requires a longer time for matching with the ads. Usually, people browse the websites in their mother language more than other languages. In order to load faster, AdCleaner has sorted out websites with the same languages. Unlike other ads cleaners, users have to select the rules by their own, to boost the loading time. AdCleaner will scan your system language and auto apply a corresponding rule. As a result, AdCleaner ensures that users have the best results of ad cleaning and it also supports 22 languages so far.

Apart from website ads, pop up ads made by softwares are very annoying for users. Unlike other pop up blockers, AdCleaner offers a customizable pop up ads blocking for you. Once the pop up ads appears, there is a bar with blocking button above it, and users can decide whether to keep it or not. In this way, the remaining pop up ads will be the exactly ones that users need.

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Company info: DotCash Limited is a worldwide leader in PC optimization software
Address: Room 3206, The Centrium,60 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong