MPGIA SA De CV: Mexico's Budding Top Service Provider in the Field of Metal Mechanics

Metal mechanics is a growing industry in Mexico and has brought 47% increase in workforce. Metal mechanics also appears as the second most important activity when it comes to provide inputs or raw materials to other industries.


Jiutepec, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- Metal Mechanics industry is said to generate 1.4 million direct jobs and 5.7 million indirect jobs. Notably, this industry makes the most important contribution in generating labor income, for it accounted 42.9% of industrial wages in June 2012 alone. The metal mechanics industry is showing no signs of ceasing till date. Amongst the companies in this field there’s a rising top contender, MGIA SA de CV.

MPGIA SA de CV maybe new in the metal mechanics arena, but with the support of competitive and professional personnel with more than two decades of combined experience, they are able to take on various projects for various companies in different industries like chemical, food, pharmaceutical and transportation. These projects involves complex activities like: installation of stainless steel and carbon steel piping for process and auxiliary services; chemical reactors and mechanical equipment installation; industrial equipment maintenance, pumps installation, repairs and maintenance; structural steel structure fabrication and assembly, welding projects and so on.

Contending against the big ones in the industry, the quality of service that MGIA SA de CV renders levels to that of the big ones. They commit to the implementation of in all administrative and operational processes, giving their customers the assurance that the service will be delivered satisfactorily at all times on a competitive price.

MPGIA SA de CV have a pool of professional and qualified personnel that have the technical proficiency on the construction/fabrication, modification, enlargement installation and supervision of diverse and intricate projects. Some of MPGIA’s service offerings are as follows:

Fabrication of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and boilers in accordance with the ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 and Section I. MPGIA personnel are fully equipped with the technical know-how on how to fabricate pressure vessels and heat exchangers in carbon steel and various alloy materials.

Two phase and three phase separators which include the pressure vessel, process pipelines, instrumentation and auxiliary equipment.

MPGIA personnel can repair and modify pressure vessels, heat exchangers and boilers following the standards of NBIC (National Board Inspection Code). They are also capable of doing fabrication and installation of steel structures, process and services pipelines, from several material specifications.

MGIA also offers industrial mechanic and maintenance services, civil and blacksmith works. On top of these services, MPGIA also have equipments that are available for rent like, welding/generator machines, coated electrode machine and plasma cutting equipment.

Packed with competitive and professional employees and with a wide range of services in the field of metal mechanics, MPGIA SA de CV will be on top of its competition in no time.

About MPGIA SA de CV
MPGIA SA de CV, is a professional services company providing qualified personnel, technical consulting and advising on the implementation of quality systems for the development and installation of projects in the metal mechanic field, both in the industrial and in the commercial sectors. MPGIA SA de CV, is located in Cuernavaca city, in the state of Morelos, Mexico.