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Mr. Brands Keeps Car Washes Stocked with Trusted Simoniz Products This Summer


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2018 -- Mr. Brands, the exclusive licensee of industry-trusted Simoniz® products, provides high-quality automotive wholesale products for car washes and detailing facilities across the country. Now, the company is offering their selection of floor mats, seat covers, and more for these businesses during the busy summer season.

As a family-owned company, Mr. Brands understands the importance of unparalleled customer service. And it's why they provide dependable car accessories for their clients. They want to help them perfect and improve their customers' driving experience, which they can do through some Simoniz® product favorites.

Microfiber cloths are essential for any car wash or detailing business, and Mr. Brands carries these useful tools for improving the appearance and presentation of a vehicle. Microfibers are advantageous as they can absorb seven times their weight in water, can be reused hundreds of times, and are abrasive-free and lint-free.

Floor mats are another essential accessory to help protect a car's interior. Since it's typically the first place to show wear and tear, supplying customers with floor mats is an ideal way to prevent deterioration and even increase a car's resale value.

And aside from protecting seats from stains and dirt, seat covers serve another crucial function. They help to prevent the wear and tear from rubbing when getting into and out of a car. Seat covers even protect the seat fabric from damage due to UV rays.

While the usefulness of wiper blades may be apparent, many people don't realize that they can lose their effectiveness over time. In fact, there can be several indicators that it's time to change blades, such as a chattering sound, streaking, cracked rubber, bent frames, and more. Mr. Brands carries a wide selection of wipers for just about every make and model vehicle.

Mr. Brands is the proud and exclusive licensee of Simoniz® products, and they feature the automotive products and accessories that car washes and detailing businesses need to keep their customers happy.

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Mr. Brands is a small, family-owned wholesale distributor based in Bristol, PA. Priding themselves on providing the same great personalized service to every customer regardless of their order size, Mr. Brands distributes automotive accessories, hardware supplies, and home and garden tools across the U.S. Mr. Brands is proud to be the exclusive licensee of Simoniz® products.

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