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Mr. Test Prep Adopts an Unconventional SAT Prep Philosophy and Methodology


Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2015 -- Michael Romano also known as Mr. Test Prep is an SAT Test Tutor in Palo Alto CA with a tutoring experience spanning over one and a half decade. Over the course of this time Michael has developed and perfected his unique philosophy and methodology of tutoring student preparing for their college application tests, his unconventional method focuses on building student's confidence and test-taking skills.

Michael explains: "Unfortunately, the truth of the modern day college application process is that preparation is everything. That's why, after 17 years in the business I have come to realize that I have 2 main jobs: First and most importantly, I must build my students' confidence and improve their test–taking skills. This means managing the stress and discouragement that are the side effects of standardized testing, in general, and SAT/ACT preparation, in particular."

Michael believes that his method of tutoring is not just about preparing for the SAT or ACT but also includes building self-confidence that comes from the students' faith in their capability to do anything they put their mind to. Michael refers to it as "elevating more than just the score". The second part of his tutoring philosophy revolves around motivation and planning which is generally seen as the duty of the parents. Michael's method of tutoring involves 2-hour sessions during with he guides, tests and polishes his students' test-taking skills through a combination of group practice and private one-on-one tutoring.

Mr. Tests Prep ACT test Tutor in Palo Alto CA does not believe in assigning homework, "Several years ago, I stopped assigning homework I know will be done halfheartedly. First, it does nothing to improve the student's testing skills. Second, it gives me a lot of credit with the student and that translates to a stronger rapport, which is my most valuable asset. Third, it prevents the burnout that so often occurs 3/4ths of the way through these sorts of programs." Michael clarifies.

About Mr. Test Prep Michael Romano
Mr. Test Prep Michael Romano is a Duke graduate and has over 17 years of experience as an SAT/ ACT Tutor, he has tutored over 1500 students.

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