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Mr. Test Prep Launches Q&A Video Series

Michael Romano has 18+ years of experience in SAT, ACT prep and offers innovative strategies for success


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2016 -- Mr. Test Prep has announced the launch of a brand new Q&A video series designed to help high school students effectively and efficiently prepare for the San Jose CA SAT Test Tutor Michael Romano, founder of Mr. Test Prep, has worked with high school students for 18+ years and has developed a philosophy based on skills and techniques shown to deliver excellent ACT and SAT scores. Mr. Test Prep offers San Jose CA SAT Test Tutor, ACT, PSAT, and San Jose CA ACT Test Tutor for students in Palo Alto and the surrounding areas, delivering more than simply a traditional one-on-one tutoring experience. Instead, students meet with Michael three times over the course of his program for two-hour sessions, and 20 minutes of each session is one-on-one.

During each two-hour session, students are placed in groups for self-timed sections to emulate real-life testing. They also receive immediate correction of mistakes and tutoring based on their specific content and errors. Test taking strategies are provided as they arise during test taking to make them easier to apply in real life. During each session, readjustment occurs as needed to refocus on areas of concern, and the overall key to success occurs as students build confidence with every session.

The intuitively formatted program has garnered high reviews from students and parents alike. One recent student reported that her SAT score improved nearly 300 points after using Mr. Test Prep's services, and a parent reported that his son's SAT went up by 34% after using the services at Mr. Test Prep.

With the launch of the new Mr. Test Prep Q&A video series, Mr. Romano is releasing another innovative tool for San Jose CA ACT test Tutor prep. Students can use the series to gain the best advantage when facing standardized testing and college admissions.

According to Michael , his services are a great fit for a student who needs to improve his or her standardized SAT test scores or for those who are looking for a master ACT test tutor in San Jose, CA, and outlying areas who requires no homework and guarantees results.

Mr. Romano has helped more than 1500 students excel in standardized testing and now offers a free trial session. After this free trial, Mr. Test Prep will determine a target score and recommend the number of sessions needed to reach that score. If the student doesn't reach or surpass the score in the number of sessions allotted, Michael will continue at no additional cost until the goal has been accomplished or until every opportunity to do so has been exhausted.

The free two-hour session is an introductory session at the Mr. Test Prep headquarters followed by an evaluation with the parents. With a pay-as-you-go system, Mr. Test Prep makes it easy for parents and students to get the flexible standardized test assistance they need.

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