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MrFootage Is Offering the Widest Collection of Stock Footage at Really Affordable Prices

MrFootage the highly reputed online footage library is offering a vast selection of ready-to-download stock footage at great prices.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- MrFootage the leading online retailer of high stock video footage is offering the widest collection of footage for movie and advertisement producers at highly reasonable prices. The company which is based in London, has earned a reputation for itself by offering the best footage, across a variety of genres at highly reasonable prices. The company takes great pride in the fact that some of the most famous movie producers choose it over the competitors for all their footage requirements.

A senior executive of the company stated that, “The one big reason why our customers trust us for all their stock footage needs, over our competitors, is the fact that we offer the widest selection of top quality footage that is shot by professionals using professional equipment. Moreover, even though we have the best range of footage available on the internet, we don’t want our customers to pay extravagantly for our services and hence sell it at highly competitive prices. Our quality footage is often the choice of producers who are looking to use it in movies, news, advertisements and documentaries.”

The sheer volume of footage that is available online at the store of MrFootage makes is a premier destination for movie producers and producers of TV advertisements. The company offers footage on different licensing terms, which make it easy for media houses to use in for commercial and non-commercial use. The range of footage at MrFootage includes clips in various categories, which includes space, technology, sports, landscape, celebrities, people, history, cities, industry and business. It even offers a vast selection of Royalty Free footage that can be used by all types of media houses, other than those dealing in TV broadcasting.

“We allow our clients to watch the footage on our website and choose from the thousands of options available to them, before they purchase footage that meets their requirements. Movie producers can easily find footage to suit their precise requirements by going through our footage library where video clips with a run time of 10 seconds to more than a minute are easily available in various formats, including HD format, which is getting quite popular now. Rest assured, all the footage at our store is competitively priced”, further added the executive.

The online footage library MrFootage has a reputation of providing the best quality footage. The company, which has more than 100,000 high quality clips in its library, continually updates its offerings to make sure that its clients can purchase clips related to trending topics in various industries. Moreover, the website’s advanced browsing and easy searching features make it an ideal destination to search for the best footage to suit all types of requirements. To know more about the company or to download royalty free footage clips, visit.

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MrFootage is a leading online stock footage library that offers the best quality footage, to all its customers, at highly reasonable prices. The company is based in London and serves customers in all parts of the world. With more than 100,000 video clips on offer, the company ensures that all its customers can get great footage to suit all types of requirements. To download royalty free footage clips, head over to.

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