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MrFootage is a leading online footage library that offers a wide variety of stock footage on diverse topics, which include nature, sports, technology, history and celebrities.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- MrFootage, one of most reputed online stock footage libraries, is known for its huge collection of high quality footage on a wide range of topics. MrFootage has a library of over 100,000 high quality video clips, which the interested buyers can easily preview and download online. The stock footage distributor provides film and video stock footage shot on 35mm, 16mm, HDTV and Beta by award winning cameramen. Most of the stock footage available at MrFootage has been shot on high definition and they also provide footage shot on 35mm films with negative access on HD formats including 4K.

A senior executive with the company said, “We carry a vast collection of stock footage on different topics to meet the needs of different individuals and companies. You can easily find the best video clips for your projects by using our Advance Search. If you are looking for complete tapes on a particular topic, you can benefit from our Search for Tape feature. You can also use our free of charge ProSearch feature to find the best footage as per your needs. Moreover, MrFootage also offers a great opportunity for the professionals who want to sell their footage online. We make sure that the seller has full control of the masters.”

If you are looking for high definition sports stock footage online, you can always count on MrFootage that offers quality sports footage of all disciplines. You can easily find HD videos on various sports, such as cricket, car racing, athletics, high jump, running, skydiving, tennis, soccer, badminton, surfing, ice hockey, figure skating, horseracing and other action sports. If you are making a documentary or a commercial on the sports theme, you can easily find the relevant videos at MrFootage that will enhance the overall value of your production.

Speaking about the video uploading process, a senior official stated, “In order to ensure a hassle-free video uploading experience, we offer an easy to use interface that helps professionals upload their video clippings to our website. We provide systematic instructions for uploading the videos and in case, you experience any problem, you can simply send us the videos on a DVD or hard drive. We will upload the videos on your behalf.”

Whether you need aerial shots of the racetrack or a stadium or the videos of players in action, you can always rely on MrFootage for finding the best sports footage. If you are interested in buying high definition sports video clips, you can get More Info at.

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One of the renowned distributors of stock footage, MrFootage provides high definition video clips on a range of topics for the professionals. The company has earned itself a name for carrying a huge collection of stock footage on different topics, such as sports, nature, landscapes, space and technology, celebrities, wildlife, history, business and health. MrFootage offers stock footage shot on 35mm, 16mm, HDTV and Beta by professionals. Whether you are an internet marketer, documentary producer, TV commercial producer or advertising company, you can easily find the most relevant video clips for your projects and programmes at MrFootage. The company has a huge collection of high quality sports footage of all disciplines and you can easily search the website to find amazing sports video clips. In order to get More Info on sports footage available at MrFootage, you can visit.

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