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MRPT Physical Therapy Offers Advanced, Hands-On Techniques to Relieve Back and Orthopedic Pain


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2012 -- MRPT Physical Therapy announced today that they are continuing to provide New York City back and orthopedic pain sufferers with the most comprehensive physical therapy treatments available to provide relief quickly and safely. With offices located right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, patients both in and outside of the city now have access to a state-of-the-art facility and highly skilled therapists.

MRPT Physical Therapy offers treatment programs for a vast array of physical problems. Highly skilled therapists utilizing advanced techniques are successfully treating patients for back, neck, elbow, knee pain and much more. There is even a TMJ treatment and headache specialist on-board to provide patients will the best care possible to help alleviate pain.

The company is also one of the nation’s leaders in treating and alleviating back pain. In fact, many patients that have failed to get better with other therapists often find immediate and permanent back pain relief with MRPT Physical Therapy. Treatments such as acupressure, soft tissue massage and tapping are just a few of the techniques that are helping patients attain long-lasting relief from back pain.

“MRPT Physical Therapy is excited to continue its dedication to treating patients from all walks of life for a vast array of physical ailments,” said Marianne Ryan, Clinical Director for MRPT Physical Therapy. “Our highly skilled, hands-on therapists are especially adept at curing a vast array of back ailments, including herniated discs and various spinal issues. From headaches and neck pain, all the way down to feet and ankle problems, MRPT Physical Therapy will have patients feeling better in no time.”

One of the many reasons MRPT Physical Therapy is so respected in the Manhattan area is their dedication for improving and maintaining women’s health. Pregnant women will learn birthing techniques that will prepare them for labor. Just some of the techniques used during the treatments include manual therapy, soft tissue release and even diaphragmatic release of the breathing muscle and pelvic diaphragm to promote optimal function during the birthing process.

MRPT Physical Therapy is perfectly located right in the epicenter of Midtown Manhattan. With offices just one block from Grand Central Terminal between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue, even patients living outside of New York City can easily commute to the practice to take advantage of the best and most respected physical therapists and techniques in the state.

About MRPT Physical Therapy
MRPT Physical Therapy is one of the leading manual therapy institutions in New York City. The company is a highly specialized physical therapy, TMJ treatment, back pain and orthopedic private practice conveniently located in midtown Manhattan. MRPT Physical Therapy is also one of the state’s foremost experts in prenatal care. For more information, please visit http://www.mrptny.com.