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MrQuickPick Launches an Inexpensive Branding Alternative to Car Unlocking Professionals


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- MrQuickPick, America’s “Car Unlocking Platform for Startups”, has introduced a new Territory Licensing opportunity for current car unlocking professionals and other entrepreneurs interested in starting their own car unlock and roadside assistance business, branding and “doing business as” an exclusive MrQuickPick Lock and Road Service licensee.

By offering Territory Licensing, MrQuickPick plans to help others start their own business without having to buy an expensive franchise. Jon Taylor, CEO, explained: “A licensing agreement is simply a partnership between an intellectual property rights owner and another who is authorized to use such rights in exchange for an agreed payment, currently only $60 total per month. That’s it! Forget high franchise fees and percentages, we’re unlocking cars here. While we do need customer service skills, integrity and honest business practices, we don’t need a 600-page business manual and exorbitant franchise fees to teach us that. We’re smart, that’s why we’re entrepreneurs! We can do that part on our own and save quite a bit of money in the process for ourselves and, therefore, our customers. Yet we can also be a part of something very big, an industry brand that is nationally recognized and respected”.

A current licensee of MrQuickPick’s program compared the high costs of franchising in his account. He said: “A major name in the industry wanted over $60,000 annually, plus additional percentages of the revenue, just to be a franchisee in my medium-sized hometown. That’s a lot of extra work for me and a lot of my hard earned money going into someone else’s pocket.” He also mentioned that the capital required upfront to attain a franchise was an additional barrier, another reason why MrQuickPick’s Territory Licensing was a more realistic business ownership option for him.

When asked about MrQuickPick’s ability to make considerably more corporate profits by adopting the franchise model rather than offering licenses for such a low fee, Taylor answered: “Probably, but we can also do a lot with a small monthly fee from a few hundred cities. By offering an affordable platform such as a licensing agreement we accomplish our goal of creating something that is nationally recognized and respected, not just for the service we provide but for the empowerment of those providing it. You see, if it doesn't work for everyone, including our licensees and customers, then it doesn't work for anyone, including the company. That’s what a true American dream looks like to me!”

Territory availability is limited to one licensee per city (approx. 60 mile radius). For more information, see "MrQuickPick's Complete Business Startup Guide to Unlocking Cars for Profit" available from ( or visit

About MrQuickPick
MrQuickPick is a group of experienced professionals "branding" together to become the most recognized and respected name in the car unlocking business. The founder, a US Navy veteran, started his first lockout and roadside assistance business in 2006 and currently has licensees in over fifty cities.

Media Contact: Jon Taylor, 502-415-1779